Is ‘Montavius’ (Cranston Johnson) Really Dead on ‘P-Valley’?

Where is 'Montavius' Really Dead on P-Valley

Where is ‘Montavius’ Really Dead on P-Valley? – P-Valley, Starz’s latest drama series, premiered in July 2020 and quickly became one of the most popular shows on television. The series, which is set in Chucalissa, Mississippi, depicts a universe that has never been shown on television before. The plot revolves around The Pynk, a prominent strip club in Chucalissa that is about to close its doors.

Fans learned about Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan), the club’s gender-nonconforming owner, and the ladies that worked for her during the course of the eight-episode first season. Mercedes (Brandee Evans) is the club’s main attraction, and she is about to retire and start her own business. Keyshawn (Shannon Thorton) is a lady who is trapped in a violent relationship. Gidget (Skyler Joy) looks after her mother, who has an addiction problem. Then there’s the enigmatic Autumn Knight (Elarica Johnson).

Autumn brings a lot of drama with her to The Pynk, including her dark history and her turbulent estranged husband, Montavius (Cranston Johnson). Autumn and Mercedes look to have beaten Montavious in the season 1 conclusion, but is he really dead?

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Where is Montavius’ Dead Body

What Happened to Montavius? Is He Really Dead?

When Uncle Clifford saw Hailey and Mercedes fighting with Montavius, he too, jumped into the fight. Montavius, on the other hand, fights back. Diamond enters the Paradise Room to investigate what is going on, only to hear many gunshots. He also notices blood dripping from the door’s bottom. Because Hailey, Mercedes, and Uncle Clifford all survive the shooting, it seems clear that Montavius is the one who is shot.

Hailey’s questions regarding her “dead” ex-boyfriend support this theory. Mercedes shot him, according to the second episode of Season 2. Is he, however, actually murdered by the gunshots?

According to the show’s creator, Katori Hall, fans may have to wait a bit to find out what has happened to Montavius. “I believe that time will disclose what really happened in the Paradise Room, but there are so many layers to what happened, the cover-up, and who was involved in the cover-up.” So I’m just looking forward to seeing how others react. Because who shot Montavius is going to be the main question. Is Montavius no longer alive?” Thrillist spoke with Hall about it. According to the creator’s statements, the second season of the show will be built on top of the Montavius mystery.

It’s possible that Montavius is dead, having been killed by Mercedes. For the sake of Mercedes and Hailey, Uncle Clifford, Big L, and Diamond may have destroyed or buried the body. They may have chosen not to reveal what they did with the remains in order to avoid being identified. Giving Hailey the information isn’t going to help Clifford and Diamond, and it could even work against them if an investigation is launched. They may not want Hailey to tell the police what really happened, which will have an impact on the two of them.

Montavius is unlikely to have survived the gunshots, given the pool of blood Diamond witnesses outside the Paradise Room. Because neither Hailey, Mercedes, nor Clifford has any reason to believe he is still alive, the three rushing to the hospital to save him are highly unlikely. Since Diamond and Derrick’s brawl may have drawn the notice of the cops, it’s unlikely that the trio would intervene to save him anytime soon. Clifford, Big L, and Diamond may have buried or destroyed the body inside The Pynk in order to avoid carrying it outside due to the authorities’ likely presence.

Since Autumn used her money to save The Pynk, we expect Montavious to reappear if he is still alive. Hall told ELLE, “[Autumn] walked in and got her a** smacked on the dance floor, and now she has some ownership of the club.” “The club’s power dynamics have radically altered, and seeing Uncle Clifford and Hailey struggle for the kingdom will be legendary.”

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