P-Valley: Is Terricka Really Pregnant? Who is the Father of Terricka’s Baby?

Is Terricka Really Pregnant

Is Terricka Really Pregnant? Who is the Father of Terricka’s Baby? – Terricka and her mother, Mercedes Woodbine, have a complicated connection in the drama series “P-Valley” on Starz. Terricka queries Mercedes about why she hasn’t looked after her since becoming independent after learning that her dance teacher is actually her biological mother.

Terricka rejects Mercedes’ attempts to explain the hopeless legal arguments supporting the same. She runs to Mercedes crying in the sixth episode of season 2, though. Her daughter offers her a pregnancy test strip when Mercedes wonders what happened to her. Let us share what we know if you’re interested in learning more about the same.

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P-Valley Season 2

Is Terricka Really Pregnant?

Terricka is indeed expecting. Terricka hands Mercedes a pregnancy test strip that reads “Yes+” when Mercedes inquires as to why she is sobbing. Mercedes doesn’t learn more about Terricka’s pregnancy because she hasn’t recovered from her shock over the same. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Terricka is anxious if Mercedes’ experience is any indication.

Terricka must be afraid of living the same life as her mother, who became pregnant at the age of 15. Terricka must be experiencing the same anxiety or, at the very least, concern about how her pregnancy would change the course of her life because Mercedes was forced to part ways with her daughter due to her age.

First off, Mercedes and Shelle might decide Terricka’s baby’s fate. Shelle’s life has been ruined by caring for Terricka, and she now refers to her as an “error.” Shelle believes that Terricka is nothing more than a physical representation of her husband, Cortez’s error. She probably won’t accept Terricka’s baby along with her.

Shelle might only see the infant as a burden. Shelle might want Terricka to abort the child because she has found solace in drinking to numb the rage and helplessness she feels from caring for Terricka and to keep her vow to her husband.

Terricka might get in touch with Mercedes if she decides against having an abortion. Mercedes isn’t likely to refuse to grant her request. If so, we might also witness the much anticipated mother-daughter reunion after Cortez has asked Shelle to prevent Terricka from staying with her true mother.

Most likely, Mercedes will look after her and try to rectify what has gone wrong. Mercedes might also know how to handle it since she had gone through the same situation. Terricka and Mercedes might be able to forge an unbreakable friendship if Terricka moves in with Mercedes.

Who is the Father of Terricka’s Baby

Who is the Father of Terricka’s Baby in “P-Valley“?

The father of Terricka’s child is still a mystery. It will be difficult to suspect anyone because she has no known romantic interests. No matter who the father is, Terricka must be worried that she’ll have to give up her child like Mercedes did because of her father, Cortez. The outcome of the pregnancy could also be influenced by the father’s response to Terricka’s positive pregnancy test, particularly if he wants her to have an abortion.

Terricka may strive to admirably continue forward with her decision regarding the kid despite how difficult it will be for her to do so and regardless of what the father, Mercedes, or Shelle may say to her. We can count on her to make a choice that honours her life rather than being coerced into doing what others say.

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