Under the Banner of Heaven: Lafferty Family Tree, Explained

Lafferty Family Tree explained

Lafferty Family Tree – ‘Under the Banner of Heaven,’ a crime thriller on FX on Hulu, is around the murders of Brenda Lafferty and her 15-month-old daughter Erica Lafferty. Detectives Jeb Pyre and Bill Taba begin their investigation by questioning Allen Lafferty, Brenda’s husband and Erica’s father.

Pyre and Bill conclude the Laffertys are heavily involved in the double homicide as the inquiry proceeds. In a separate narrative, the show takes an in-depth look into the Lafferty family. If you’re confused about the Laffertys’ relationships within their large family, let us try to decipher it for you!

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Real Lafferty Family Tree explained

Family Tree of Lafferty, Explained

Allen Lafferty, Brenda’s husband and Erica’s father, is played by Ammon Lafferty, while his mother, Doreen Lafferty, is played by Doreen Lafferty. Watson Lafferty Sr. and Claudine Lafferty, the father and matriarch of the Lafferty family, are fictionalised versions of Ammon and Doreen. They married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on June 6, 1940.

Watson Sr. practised chiropractic medicine. They had two daughters and six sons. According to Jon Krakauer’s eponymous book, which served as the show’s primary text, the father raised his children to be strict Mormons.

The eldest of the eight children, Ron Lafferty, married Dianna. Their marriage began to suffer when Dianna refused to practise polygamy. Dianna divorced Ron with the help of former Relief Society president Chloe Low, Highland LDS Stake president Richard Stowe, and Ron’s brother Allen’s wife Brenda, according to the book.

She and their six children went to Florida after their divorce. He died of natural causes in 2019 while on execution row, according to reports. The two Lafferty daughters, Colleen and Kathleen, aren’t given much attention in either the show or the novel.

Lafferty Family Tree
Brenda Lafferty With her daughter and husband.

Watson Sr. and Claudine have a son named Dan Lafferty. Dan, like his father, was a chiropractor, and when his brother Mark left the home on a church mission, he took over his father’s practise with his brother Mark. Dan married Matilda, whom he met while serving in Scotland for two years.

At the time, Matilda was the mother of two children. The couple married in the Provo Utah Temple and had four children together. Dan planned to marry Matilda’s oldest daughter — his step-daughter – but that didn’t happen, according to Krakauer’s book.

According to reports, Dan and Matilda were separated. After being convicted of two charges of first-degree murder and four other offences, the former is currently serving a life term at Utah State Prison. Allen’s brother, Mark Lafferty, is absent from the show. However, he may have influenced the character Robin Lafferty.

The character Lynn Lafferty, who is Robin’s wife, is based on Mark’s wife, Lanna. Tim and his wife Teena are also absent from the show. Tim may have influenced Allen’s ostensibly fictional sibling Jacob.

Ron and Dan Lafferty
Ron and Dan Lafferty

In Dustin Lance Black’s programme, Watson Jr. and his wife Keri are also absent. However, a major character in the programme named Samuel AKA Sam Lafferty, Allen’s brother, could be based on Watson Jr. Meanwhile, Keri may encourage Sam’s wife, Sarah. Allen finally married Heidi after the killings of Brenda and Erica. The pair have made their home in Saratoga Springs, Utah, as of 2015.

Claudine had roughly 60 grandchildren, 156 great-grandchildren, and 14 great-great-grandchildren when she died in 2016, with one more expected. The Lafferty family appears to be quite large, with over 200 members. The family members have opted to keep their lives secret after Brenda and Erica’s killings, especially given the international attention the double murder case received.

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