Max Heino’s Death: How Did Rikhard Tallent Die?

How Did Max Heino Die

Max Heino’s Death: How Did Rikhard Tallent Die? – The golden years of a retired couple are shattered when a jittery army veteran comes in next door and makes their life miserable with his despicable behaviour. They declare war and engage in bloody battles until one of their neighbours is found dead.

The tragic struggle between Max Heino and his neighbor, Rikhard Tallent, is described in the Investigation Discovery episode (season 8 episode 10) “Fear Thy Neighbor: The Filth and the Fury.” So, if you’re curious about what occurred in this situation, we can fill you in.

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Max Heino’s Death

How Did Max Heino Pass Away?

Utah native Max Edwin Heino was born in April 1934. He served in the US Army before working in Carbon County, Utah, as a coal miner. In November 1954, Max married Della Jean Wilson, and they were together for more than 60 years. He cherished spending time with his family and taking his grandchildren hunting and fishing. Max and Jean were living a retired lifestyle in Helper, Utah, at the time of the tragedy.

On October 17, 2019, Max and his wife were hurt in a physical dispute with a neighbour. Jean was fine, but Max started acting differently the next day and needed medical help. The 85-year-old battle with dementia and diabetes had already been brought up on the broadcast at that point. Over the following few days, his condition progressively deteriorated, and on October 25, 2019, he passed away. According to an autopsy, the attack’s blood clot caused an explosion in his brain. According to the programme, the coroner determined it to be a homicide.

How Did Richard Tallent Die

Was Max Heino Killed or Not?

It was Rikhard Tallent, who lived next door to Max. He, too, had served in the military, although he tended to keep to himself. According to the drama, the mailbox was the initial point of dispute between the neighbours. Rikhard had taken Heinos’ mailbox off the stand that belonged to both houses and replaced it with his own. Jean and Max let it go, but the situation only became worse. Rikhard’s interactions with other neighbourhood members gave the impression that he was anxious. Over time, Rikhard started amassing used tyres and other materials, which caused his land to look untidy and allowed trash to overflow into the Heinos’ property. This also produced a foul odour.

Rikhard did nothing about it, though. According to the programme, the authorities reportedly declared his home uninhabitable after it caught fire. Despite the lack of plumbing, power, or running water, Rikhard continued to live there. Rikhard and the neighbours’ disagreements persisted until it appeared that Max had had enough. When Max noticed Rikhard’s mailbox was coming loose on October 17, 2019, he took it out and put it back on Rikhard’s land. An altercation followed as a result.

On that particular day, Rikhard approached Max and Jean, who were furious about the mailbox removal and were sitting on their porch. When Jean attempted to break up the argument between Max and Rikhard, the latter shoved her aside, injuring her in the face and knee. Max was then struck and kicked in the legs and crotch by Rikhard. The granddaughter of Max and Jean later recalled that Rikhard had kicked her grandfather two to four times in the leg. Additionally, he struck my grandmother in the face and pushed a fence into her.

The medical examiner determined that Max’s blood clot was the cause of his death a few days after the attack. When the police questioned Rikhard, he acknowledged hitting Max. However, it took the authorities roughly five months to increase the accusations to homicide by assault, although the reason for the delay was not immediately evident. According to the programme, Rikhard threatened other Max’s family members during the time leading up to his trial.

Was Max Heino Killed

Richard Tallent’s Cause of Death

The defence argued that Max’s death was not related to the assault but rather to his prior health issues at Rikhard’s trial in April 2021. In May 2021, the jury reached the same conclusion and found Rikhard not guilty of the murder but guilty of two counts of assault. He received a sentence of time served and was shortly released. In accordance with the programme, Rikhard was also charged with severe assault in connection with a different member of Max’s family, but he did not receive any jail time for that offence either. Rikhard died in January 2022. He was 72 years old, and the reason for his death was lifelong brain damage.

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