Is ‘Monarch’ Based on a True Story and Based on Real Family?

Is Fox’s Monarch Based on a True Story

Is ‘Monarch’ Based on a True Story? Is FOX’s ‘Monarch’ Based on Real Family? – A new American musical drama television series called Monarch will center on the Romans, a country music family. Fox Entertainment and Melissa London Hilfers are the show’s producers. On September 11, 2022, Fox is scheduled to air the series debut episode. With Trace Adkins, Anna Friel, Beth Ditto, Martha Higareda, Iigo Pascual, and Joshua Sasse rounding out the core cast, Susan Sarandon plays Dottie Cantrell.

Monarch is a musical play about the Romans that appeals to a wide age range. Dottie Roman and Albie Roman, who together have established a country music dynasty, are the family’s patriarchs. The dynasty’s beginnings, however, are not what they first appear to be. Nicky Roman, Roman’s daughter, intervenes and tries everything she can to preserve the family’s dominance in country music while securing her own prominence.

From what fans can already tell, the show seems to be the epitome of larger-than-life, but is it based on a genuine family? Let’s examine what is known so far about Monarch, including any country music stars who may have served as inspiration.

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Is Monarch a True Story

Is Fox’s Monarch Based on a True Story?

The series “Monarch” is not based on a true story. The idea for the fictitious program came from producer Gail Berman’s desire to create a show for FOX with a country music theme. ‘Monarch’ was created after author Melissa London Hilfers learned of Berman’s dream. What if the Romanov family were transformed into an Austin, Texas family of country music stars? According to thecinemaholic, Hilfers presented Berman with the idea that eventually formed the show’s skeleton. As a result, Hilfers’ inspiration for the program came from the House of Romanov, a family that ruled Russia from 1613 to 1917 but had nothing to do with American country music.

One of the world’s most complicated families ever existed is the Romanovs. There is definitely something intriguing about the family’s history, their connection to the notorious Grigori Rasputin, and their shocking murders. Hilfers incorporated such complexities into Roman society and interpersonal interactions. Some of the show’s compelling themes included the conflicts between Nicky and Gigi, their brother Luke Roman’s involvement in Gigi’s marriage to Kayla Taylor-Roman, Dottie’s unsolved death, and Albie’s transformation into a murderer.

Albie, Dottie, Nicky, and Gigi’s careers as singers and Luke’s life as a producer give a doorway to the world of country music, within its fictionality, even though the Roman family’s basic structure reminds us of the Romanovs. According to one of the show’s executive producers, Jason Owen, the show’s connection to reality, was “very, really essential” to him, along with the music. “There can be all the crazy s-t that may never exist in real life, which makes for a fantastic drama, but there has to be some realness,” Owen said.

Owen also wanted the fictitious Romans to seem real. He added numerous real-life country music icons to the cast so they could play themselves to do the same. “I wanted it to feel like the Romans existed in our world currently. So I thought it was important in the script and Melissa [London Hilfers] agreed that we bring in these real characters as themselves,” Owen said to Billboard. Working with real-life representatives of country music, such as Owen, whose roster of clients includes Kacey Musgraves, Little Big Town, etc., and the well-known performer Trace Adkins, who plays Albie, appears to have helped Hilfers develop her fictional story’s connection to the world of country music.

Although the show extensively examines the country music industry, “Monarch” is not a program that can only be enjoyed by fans of country music or viewers from the “middle of the country.” This is the tale of a woman named Nicky who is under more pressure than you can imagine while attempting to live her dreams and cope with her chaotic family. Regarding the show’s relatability, Hilfers stated to The New York Times, “I think that’s something that everybody in any state can relate to.

Is Monarch based on real family

Is Monarch Based on a Real Family?

No, Monarch is not based on real family. When the Monarch trailers first aired, many ardent country music fans immediately assumed that the show’s famous family was based on a real family. The Roman family featured in Monarch seems to have drawn inspiration from all of country music’s most prevalent cliches and tropes, despite fans nominating everyone from Hank Williams Jr. to Dolly Parton herself.

According to a Fox official who spoke to Deadline, “With a tremendous legacy of talent and musical performances, the powerfully gripping drama Monarch is a major priority for Fox Entertainment in 2022.”

Michael Thorn, the organization’s entertainment president, also told the publication that he greatly believes in Monarch. The Masked Singer, Empire, American Idol, and Glee are just a few examples of the music-driven programming that is a key component of Fox’s success, he said at the time.

Although Monarch isn’t particularly modeled on the family of any country musician, it seems to be going in the same direction as Nashville and Empire before it. Monarch is poised to make a big statement as a part of Fox’s new show roster, given the fan response to those.

Monarch will premiere on Fox on September 11, 2022, at 9 p.m. EST. Be sure to watch it.

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