Netflix’s “Old People” Movie Ending Explained: Is Alex Dead?

Netflix’s Old People Ending, Explained

Netflix’s Old People Ending, Explained – The German horror film “Old People” is recent release on Netflix. There is an excellent narrative there someplace, but it is poorly narrated. It’s too slow, too long, and features unnecessary side tales.

Anyone who enjoys slasher films like The Strangers, Hush, or the Fear Street trilogy should enjoy this German film by Andy Fetscher. In Don’t Breathe, do you remember how spooky Stephen Lang was? Or the Midsommar cultists? Old People, though, seems to draw on a related feeling.

Ella brings her two kids back home to attend her sister’s wedding. However, things quickly get out of hand as she needs to defend the kids from elderly folks who are going on a murder rampage.

Ella, a woman who goes to her isolated birthplace for her sister’s wedding, is the story’s subject. The family, however, ends up the target of the town’s elderly due to an unfortunate turn of events. Ella must struggle for her family’s life as the elders rage through the city, killing everyone in their way. Naturally, viewers must be curious as to whether Ella and her family survive the graphic events in the movie. Here is everything you need to know about the conclusion of “Old People” in that case.

Old People Plot Synopsis

“Old People” Movie Plot Synopsis

The text introducing “Old People” describes a vengeful ghost that preys on elderly and fragile clan members, driving them insane with fury. Then, a nurse shows up to visit an elderly guy who is living alone in an assisted living facility. But the man murders the nurse with great brutality. Laura says through a voiceover that society is in danger because the elderly have formed a revolt. The murder of young people begins when Laura visits her mother’s hometown, Ella.

Later in the narrative, we witness Laura, her brother, Noah, and Ella traveling to Ella’s hometown for a few weeks prior wedding. Sanna, Ella’s sister, is being married, and the venue is the local church. Ella meets her fiance, Malick, and Sanna when she gets to her childhood home. Ella finds out that her father, Aike, resides at a local retirement community. The majority of the town’s youth, according to Sanna, have left for larger cities, leaving the understaffed nursing facility to care for the elderly. Nevertheless, Ella takes Aike home for the wedding and apologizes to him for leaving him alone.

As Ella and Sanna get ready for the wedding, Noah spends time at home getting to know Aike. In addition, the kids meet up with their divorced father Lukas. They split up because Ella wanted to live in the city, and Lukas wanted to stay in the village. As of right now, Kim, a staff member at the retirement community, is dating Lukas. In the meantime, Laura runs into Alex, her boyfriend, and the two go for a walk in the woods. Alex demonstrates to Laura an idol of a god who damns anyone who disregards and abandons their elders.

After a successful wedding ceremony, the family comes home for the reception. The retirement home residents are listening to the reception’s music and longing for their youth. Anger is building among the elderly due to their exclusion from parties and confinement to the facility.

An older woman retaliates by violently killing the orderly after he treats her poorly. The elderly individuals soon change into zombie-like monsters due to their wrath. Sanna and Malick are killed in the assault on the reception. Mayhem breaks out as soon as the other visitors learn about the fatal assault. Ella is consequently compelled to defend her kids while the family battles the zombieized elderly for survival.

Old People Ending

“Old People” Movie Ending Explained: Is Ella Dead?

As the story develops, Ella, Lukas, Kim, Laura, and Noah eventually find themselves stuck in Ella’s home and besieged by elderly zombies. Lukas sustains severe injuries in a fight with the Alpha Male, and Noah’s asthma worsens. Ella understands that they need to find a way out of the house. Ella gets stuck in the door as the elderly prepare to break into their house. Kim is ready to be killed by the zombies when she decides to give her life to save Ella.

Kim doesn’t like Ella at first because Lukas is only focused on his ex-wife and kids. Her ideal existence with Lukas is disturbed by the presence of Ella and her kids. Additionally, because Kim worked in the retirement community and took care of the elderly, they did not hurt her. Kim knows that Ella and her children might not survive due to her selfishness. She then leaps from the second level, where zombies slay her. Her passing leaves a door open for Ella to enter the house.

But as Lukas’ wound worsens, he eventually passes away. Laura advises making use of the covert channel that Noah discovered from Aike. The mother and kids use the shortcut, but the senior zombies quickly close in. When they capture Ella, she begs her kids to follow her. Ella ultimately perishes at the hands of the elderly as well. However, Laura and Noah can exit the passage safely.

Nevertheless, the Alpha Male attacks them. Aike steps in and kills the older man with a shot, preserving his children. In the end, most of Ella’s family dies during the elderly’s zombie-like rebellion. Laura, Noah, and Aike do, however, live.

Is Alex Dead or Alive

Is Alex Alive or Dead?

Early in the film, Alex—Laura’s boyfriend—is introduced. He and Laura have been together since they were teenagers and hope to be together forever. Alex, though, is missing after the elderly stage their insurrection. Laura tries to reach Alex out of concern for his well-being. Because of Ella’s home’s poor network connectivity, she cannot contact him. After escaping the terrifying zombie attack, Laura makes it to a secure location and finally gets cellular service.

When Laura looks at her phone, she hears Alex’s voice. Alex eventually escapes the zombie attack and gives Laura the order to head for the coast. Laura and her family are saved by Alex, who shows up in a speedboat. Alex protects the kids just before the old arrive at the edge and try to harm them. He pilots the boat to safety, and his assistance is essential in removing Laura, Noah, and Aike from the settlement where the old zombies are wreaking havoc.

Why Did the Old People Attack the Young People

Why Did the Old People Attack the Young People in the Movie?

In the movie’s first scene, an elderly guy attacks his caregiver. However, Laura’s narrative explains the attack’s history to us. In the end, society disintegrates, but Laura and her family can survive. As the opening sequences make clear, the elderly have mounted a rebellion and are attacking the young all throughout the world. They are upset with the younger generation for turning their backs on them.

The older generation, who has abandoned them and confined them to retirement homes where their emotional needs are unfilled, is the target of intense resentment on the part of the elderly. Aike shows that he hasn’t changed into a rage-filled zombie like most other individuals his age until the movie’s climax. His daughter and grandchildren adore Aike. He opposes the change since he is not enraged by them. Ultimately, only love can undo the harm done by years of indifference to the older generation.

The movie’s opening scene gives away the presence of a supernatural power that transforms the older generation into zombie-like monsters. The elderly are the target of an angry spirit that inflicts them with blinding anger. Although this explanation may also be accurate, it serves only as a metaphor for the deplorable condition in which the younger generation frequently abandons its elders.

As a result, the movie highlights the necessity for compassion and care in the lives of the elderly while simultaneously intriguingly showcasing the miseries of old age. Their vicious attacks on the younger generation serve to highlight their significance in society. Overall, the film’s horror components serve as a metaphor for how society is moving because of its flagrant disregard for and abandonment of the elderly.

You can stream the “Old People” movie on Netflix.

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