Ronald March Murder: Where is Lance Standberg Today?

Ronald March Murder

Ronald March Murder: Where is Lance Standberg Now? – On August 8, 2012, Lance Standberg was suspected of stabbing Ronald March behind a senior living community in the 3400 block of Renfrew Street.

Vancouver police have charged a 47-year-old man in relation to the city’s sixth homicide of the year.

In the stabbing death of Ronald William March, 57, Lance Wayne Standberg has been charged with second-degree murder. When Standberg allegedly drove into a police cruiser, he was taken into custody on an active assault charge hours after the stabbing.

Fear Thy Neighbor: Hell-Bent‘ (Season 8 Episode 12) an episode on Investigation Discovery focuses on the circumstances behind Ronald’s death and how the horrible attack occurred. Let’s, therefore, learn more about what transpired at that time.

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How Did Ronald March Die

Who Was Ronald March and How Did He Die?

He was described as a voracious reader and a wise guy, Ronald William March. His loved ones recalled the Vancouver resident as compassionate and kind, often going above and beyond to assist others when necessary. The 57-year-old had recently moved into a senior apartment in Burnaby when the event occurred. On the programme, it was revealed that Ronald was receiving medication for the autoimmune condition lupus at the time.

A neighbour on the 3400 block of Renfrew Street spotted Ronald lying on the ground in a pool of blood behind the building sometime in the evening of August 8, 2012, after hearing cries. The neighbour dialled 911 immediately, but it was too late when the officials came. Ronald had sustained 12 stab wounds, and his throat had also been cut, cutting off his jugular artery. At the scene, he was identified as deceased.

Who Killed Ronald March

Who Killed Ronald March and Why?

When the police started looking into Ronald March, they discovered that he had previously interacted with the police on matters involving a man by the name of Lance Standberg. Ronald had just moved into the senior complex housing on the day of his death. However, he had previously resided in another subsidised apartment. Loray Rayne, who had been living with Lance, and Ronald were neighbours.

The programme claimed that Loray had many health problems and needed Lance’s assistance. While he looked after her, rumours abounded about their possible romantic involvement. However, Lance frequently spent days away from his house because he was a seasonal oil worker. The programme claims that Loray depended on Ronald, who would assist her with moving and drive her to the grocery store. But as time passed, Ronald’s health problems made that harder for him.

One time, Loray lit a cigarette when Ronald was driving her somewhere. According to the episode, Ronald requested her to wait, but he forced her out of the vehicle when she refused. Then Loray accused Ronald of beating her, had him taken into custody, and later changed her mind and dropped the allegations. Lance then attacked Ronald after she told him about it. Lance continued to bash Ronald as the hostility grew. According to the drama, Lance struck Ronald with a steel pipe.

Ronald had reported it to the police, but they could not locate Lance because he had left both times. Ronald ultimately decided to leave that residence, which he did on August 8, 2012. Later it was discovered that Lance, who was 47 at the time, had videotaped the incident and had been charged with following the truck. He later denied it, though. The police thought Lance waited for Ronald before fatally stabbing him. After a brief police chase, he was captured early on August 9 in the morning.

Where is Lance Standberg Now?

Lance Standberg asserted his innocence upon his arrest and that he was not involved in the murder. He said that Ronald had taken something from his storage when questioned about why he was filming the relocation. But in Lance’s car, the cops discovered Ronald’s blood. Because of unidentified circumstances, his first trial ended without a verdict, but in November 2014, he was found guilty of first-degree murder in his second trial. Lance was given a life sentence with a 25-year parole eligibility period. According to what we know, he is incarcerated in a British Columbia correctional facility to complete his term.

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