Where Was Lifetime’s The Gabby Petito Story Filmed? Cast Details

Where Was Lifetime’s The Gabby Petito Story Filmed

Lifetime’s The Gabby Petito Story Filming Location? Who is in the Cast? – The brand-new, gripping, and provocative true-crime thriller movie “The Gabby Petito Story” will make its world premiere exclusively on Lifetime on Saturday, October 1, 2022.

The 22-year-old travel blogger Gabby Petito’s sad disappearance and death inspired the suspenseful film’s co-writing by Richard Blaney and Gregory Small, with Thora Birch serving as both director and actor.

Thora Birch, Evan Hall, and Skyler Samuels are among the movie’s leading ladies. Before this true-crime thriller airs on Lifetime, let’s jump right in and take a closer look at the prominent cast members.

The movie is about a road journey; thus, it includes a lot of beautiful scenery. In the movie, Gabby and Laundrie travel from New York to Wyoming. Where, though, was the film made? Let us offer the solutions!

Locations where The Gabby Petito Story was filmed

The entire state of Utah, notably Salt Lake City and Moab, served as the backdrop for filming “The Gabby Petito Story.” The movie was filmed in the summer of 2022 under the direction of Eitan Almagor. Although the film’s narrative is largely set in Wyoming, a state that borders Utah, filming of the same ended up taking place entirely in the “Beehive State.” Let’s now examine the particular site in greater depth.

Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area, Utah

Most of “The Gabby Petito Story” was filmed in Salt Lake City, the state’s capital and largest city. With the Wasatch Mountains to its east and north and the Oquirrh Mountains to its west, the attractive city is situated in a mountain valley. Evan Hall, who plays Laundrie, and Skyler Samuels, who plays Gabby, were sighted in Salt Lake City in the mountains in June 2022. Another important location for the movie’s filming was Canyon Cove, a neighborhood in the city of Holladay, 16 miles from Salt Lake City.

Many sequences in Wyoming are substituted in Big Cottonwood Canyon, a canyon 12 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. In truth, Gabby and Laundrie’s cross-country journey included a terrible and momentous halt at Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park. Given that both include mountains and water bodies, Director Birch must have picked Big Cottonwood Canyon to stand in for the national park due to their similar attraction. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Love in the Limelight, Dream Home Makeover, The Christmas Bow, and other shows have all been filmed in Salt Lake City over the years.

Moab, Utah

It appears that Moab, the biggest city and county seat of Grand County, Utah, will also appear in the movie. Moab police stopped the real Gabby and Laundrie after a 9-1-1 caller reported an altercation between the couple. Birch had remade the police bodycam footage for the movie, which was presumably recorded in the same city. Many well-known projects, like “Westworld,” “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade,” “Mission: Impossible,” etc., have been filmed in the city.

The Gabby Petito Story Cast Details

“The Gabby Petito Story” Cast Details

Skyler Samuels portrays Gabby as well known for her roles as Esme Frost, Sophie Frost, and Phoebe Frost in “The Gifted.” Additionally, the actress can be seen in other shows like “American Horror Story,” “Switched Before Birth,” “The Nine Lives of Chloe King,” etc. 

Evan Hall, well known for his role as CO Stratman in “Orange Is the New Black,” plays Brian Laundrie, Gabby’s fiancé. 

The movie’s director, Thora Birch, portrays Nichole Schmidt, Gabby’s mother. 

Joe Petito, played by Douglas Taurel, is Gabby’s father.

Monica Moore Smith (Rose), 

Matisha Baldwin (Agent Shaw),

Samuel Whitten (Jim Schmidt), 

Stacey Ann Turner (Tara Petito), 

Cathy Tidwell (Mother of Brian Laundrie), and Nikki SooHoo (Miranda) are some of the other actors in the cast.

Watch The Gabby Petito Story, which premieres on Saturday, October 1, 2022, only on Lifetime.