The Staircase: Where is the Wrongfully Convicted Greg Taylor Now?

Where is Greg Taylor Now

What Happened to Greg Taylor, the Man Exonerated After 17 Years in Prison. Where is the Wrongfully Convicted Greg Taylor Now? – Evelyn Ivins, an attorney, working with Project for Actual Innocence, an organisation that deals with false convictions, is featured in the seventh episode of HBO Max’s crime series ‘The Staircase.’ Duane Deaver, a blood-spatter analyst, hid negative test findings in the case of Greg Taylor, who has been in prison for seventeen years after a conviction influenced by Deaver’s evidence. Evelyn looks into various State Bureau of Investigation reports and discovers that they aren’t trustworthy.

After Evelyn’s intervention, Greg is found not guilty. One must ponder whether Greg Taylor is a real person as the show offers a doorway to another murder case. So, let’s see what happens!

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Is Greg Taylor Based on a Real Person

Is Greg Taylor Based on a Real-Life Person?

Greg Taylor is, in fact, a real person. Jacquetta Thomas was discovered dead in Raleigh, North Carolina, on September 26, 1991. Greg Taylor’s SUV, according to reports, was parked 100 yards away from the corpse. Greg and his companion were detained on suspicion of Jacquetta’s murder when they returned to the vehicle’s location.

Deaver, a blood-spatter analyst at the time for North Carolina SBI, testified that blood was found on Greg’s vehicle, which was the sole physical evidence in the case. Greg was found guilty of murdering Jacquetta by a jury, and he was sentenced to life in prison.

Craig H. Taylor, a prisoner with no ties to Greg, admitted to killing Jacquetta while Greg was in prison. Greg was given a second chance to establish his innocence in 2010. Deaver claimed at the court that later tests on the substance recovered from Greg’s vehicle revealed it wasn’t human blood at all, contradicting his previous evidence.

The test findings were not sent to the prosecution or defence by Deaver or SBI, which may have shown Greg’s innocence earlier. Eva Kelly, who initially testified that she saw the victim with Greg and a companion, later claimed that the lady she saw did not resemble Jacquetta. During the hearing, Greg was helped by Chris Mumma of the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence.

Following the hearing, a three-judge panel unanimously found Greg Taylor not guilty. Greg received $750,000 in compensation from the state of North Carolina for his erroneous conviction. Greg sued five former State Bureau of Investigation officers and managers in 2011, alleging that they either knowingly faked blood test results or condoned the behaviour.

SBI agreed to pay Greg $4.6 million to settle the complaint in 2013. “I’m simply relieved it’s over with.” “I’ll be delighted if I never see another courtroom again,” Greg said WRAL after the lawsuit was settled.

Where is Greg Taylor Now

What Happened to Greg Taylor and Where Is He Now?

Greg Taylor is presently residing in Cary, North Carolina, according to sources. He works as a software developer and computer programmer. “Every morning, I am grateful for my life and the freedom I have. Then there’s the second moment, when I realise there are still people struggling like I used to,” Greg told WRAL on his time as a free man in 2020, almost ten years after proving his innocence. He reconciled with his family after his release from prison. He told WRAL, “I sling around my three grandkids and travel as much as I can.”

Greg was a part of the production of ‘In Pursuit of Justice,’ a film about his wrongful conviction. He had gone to screenings and conversations about the same to argue for the rights of people who had been unfairly convicted. His purpose, according to WRAL, is to “not see anyone else go through what I’ve gone through.”

You can stream all episodes of ‘The Staircase’ on HBO Max.

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