Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 4 Recap

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 4 Recap – Season 1 Episode 4 of Under The Banner Of Heaven takes a break from the investigation to recount the story of two powerful Lafferty brothers. The case comes up again near the conclusion, as we see how Dan used his faith in divine laws to control his brothers. Pyre also realises that they had been suspecting the incorrect man all along.

Taking a look at the same, we’ve broken down the events in the fourth episode of Under The Banner. Pyre will be researching Diana’s letter, which he discovered at the Lows. Detectives thought they’d reached the end of the road, only to discover Dan wasn’t the killer, but he shaped one with his views. The thrilling episode concludes with the detectives on the hunt for the alleged murderer.

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Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 4 Explained

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 4 ‘Church and State’ Recap

Pyre and Taba begin ‘Church and State‘ by confirming that no additional killings had occurred in their jurisdiction. They discover a letter from Dianna to Prophet Kimball regarding Ron’s anti-tax and anti-law efforts while searching the Lows’ burglarized home.

He contacts Kimball’s office for more information and learns that the letter has no impact on Ron and Dianna’s marriage. Pyre discusses the letter with Robin and learns that Dan is the one who instils anti-law beliefs in the family.

Dan ran for sheriff to ensure that the law did not interfere with LDS Church members’ vows. Robin also informs Pyre of Dan’s desire to join the FLDS’ practises and beliefs, which include polygamy. The second eldest Lafferty son even approached his wife Matilda to announce his plans to remarry, only to enrage her.

Dan, who was imprisoned for breaking traffic regulations, spoke to his brothers about his core values. Dan aspired to follow in the footsteps of Prophet Joseph Smith, who had married multiple times.

Despite learning a great deal about the Laffertys’ fundamental beliefs, Pyre and Taba are unable to link them to Brenda and Erica’s murders due to the lack of motivation. Meanwhile, two witnesses report seeing a green station waggon on the Lows’ property to the lead detective. Pyre verifies that the vehicle is Ron’s.

The detective, who had suspected Dan all along, begins to explore the idea that Ron shares his younger brother’s beliefs. Pyre interrogates Robin and asks if Ron was drawn to Dan’s ideals before Dianna wrote the letter, to which he responds affirmatively.

Is Ron the Killer

Is Ron the Killer in Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 4?

When Pyre and Taba learn that Dan is a fanatical Mormon, they begin to suspect him as the person responsible for the murders. Witness testimony that leads Pyre to Ron’s automobile, however, convinces them that Ron could be just as engaged in the murder as the suspect Dan.

Pyre ties the letter Brenda wrote for Dianna to the confirmation by Robin that his older brother has been following Dan’s radical beliefs even before Dianna’s intervention. Despite the fact that the cops have yet to determine whether Ron is the murderer, his involvement in the crimes is almost certain.

Although Ron initially believed that the laws of the land should be observed, it didn’t take long for him to align himself with Dan’s fundamentalist beliefs. By the time Dianna wrote Prophet Kimball a letter describing the Laffertys’ illegal behaviours, Ron had transformed into someone who sought to respect the Heavenly Father’s rules and regulations over man-made laws.

Ron recognised as a spouse that his wife wouldn’t be able to write a letter to a higher authority without help. Ron may have seen Brenda as a threat because she was the only one who had ever questioned the Lafferty brothers’ beliefs.

As a fundamentalist, Ron must have interpreted Brenda’s involvement in the form of the letter as a protest against the Heavenly Father’s control over the country’s lesser laws. Because Pyre and Taba believe Ron is a possible killer, they may contemplate having him kill Brenda for questioning their beliefs and turning the prophet’s greater authority against him and Dan.

They could also believe Erica was slain because of her mother’s behaviour. Because Ron and Dan share similar ideas, Pyre and Taba may not be surprised if they discover both brothers are implicated in the murders.

What is the Meaning of ‘Lows’?

When Pyre and Taba learn of the existence of a “holy list,” they realise that additional killings are possible. They learn that the Lows may be on the list through Robin, leading the detectives to track them down. The Lows’ house, however, is deserted when the detectives arrive. The Stowes informed the detectives that they had not heard from the family in a week. In the meantime, the family is on vacation. Officer Morris discovers the Lows fishing in a wooded river.

Pyre and Taba are supposed to confirm that there are no more murders now that Morris has discovered them. The Low family is also expected to assist Pyre and Taba in their investigation into Ron and Dan’s participation in the killings of Brenda and Erica.

If the mother and daughter were killed because of the former’s romance with Ron’s wife Dianna, the Lows must have been involved in the brothers’ affairs as well, which might help the detectives confirm the killer or killers’ motive.

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 4 Recap and ending explained

Review of ‘Under The Banner Of Heaven’ Season 1 Episode 4

Under The Banner Of Heaven Season 1 Episode 4 saw the show delving into the ways of life that Dan adhered to. In several situations, the investigation takes a back seat as we discover more about Dan as a person. Wyatt Russell appears to be quite adept at having his audience dislike his character.

Regardless, the Pyre and Taba first suspected Dan of being the perpetrator of the murders. However, they were unable to determine the motive for the murders. So they needed to dig deep and learn everything they could about him.

The show slowed down a little as Dan and Ron’s story unfolded. In comparison to the first three episodes, this one proceeds slowly. The intense focus on these characters’ backstories may cause some viewers to lose interest. They may find themselves yawning throughout the majority of the episode. Still, learning about Dan and Ron was worthwhile because we learned how profoundly they believed in divine principles.

The turning moment is just at the very end. The Detectives begin to believe that Ron is attracted to Dan’s ideas at this point. The Detectives may pursue Ron in the future episode as they try to piece together whether Ron is truly guilty for these deaths.

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