Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 6 ‘Revelation’ Recap and Ending, Explained

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 6 Recap

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained – The aftermath of Jeb Pyre and Bill Taba’s encounter with Bernard Brady is the focus of the 6th episode of FX on Hulu’s crime series ‘Under the Banner of Heaven,’ titled ‘Revelation.’ The latter tells the detectives about Ron Lafferty’s visit to John Bryant’s polygamist village in Oregon, as well as how the experience transformed him.

Brady also discusses Prophet Onias’ involvement in the School of the Prophets’ activities with Pyre and Bill. The detectives concentrate their search only on Ron and his brother, Dan Lafferty. Pyre faces a life-changing challenge at the end of the episode, and we’ll decode it for you!

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 6 Synopsis

As Pyre (Andrew Garfield) and Taba (Gil Birmingham) seek for those, who killed Brenda before they may kill again, more information regarding Brenda’s (Daisy Edgar-Jones) attempt to grapple with some of the Lafferty family’s most extreme members and views surface. Gina Welch wrote the script for television, while Isabel Sandoval directed the episode.

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Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 6 ‘Revelation’ Recap

Pyre and Bill continue their inquiry at Ron’s family home in ‘Revelation.’ Pyre questions Doreen about her son Ron’s decision to allow his father Ammon to die without proper medical attention. Brady, Pyre, and Bill inspect the house’s basement, which serves as the School of the Prophets’ office.

The detectives learn from Brady that Ron became interested in fundamentalist Mormon ideas after meeting John Bryant, a polygamist Mormon leader headquartered in Oregon. They also learn how Prophet Onias persuaded Ron to think that God had chosen one of them to carry out the Heavenly Father’s wishes.

Ron was led by Prophet Onias to the Dream Extract, where they plan to mine gold for their restored and fundamentalist Mormon society. Onias informed Ron that he could be the chosen one among them. Ron and his brothers subsequently became increasingly interested in the school’s activities.

Pyre learns from Doreen that Ron and Dan were accompanied by two men, Chip and Ricky, when they went to assassinate Brenda and Erica. Brenda’s father, Jim, and sister, Betty, are interviewed by Pyre.

Betty gives Pyre a batch of Brenda’s letters in order for him to solve the killings. Pyre receives the same letter and discovers that Allen is moving towards his brothers’ conservative ideas, even refusing to take Erica to the doctor.

Brenda and Allen had to seek blessings from LDS Church leaders, who advised Brenda against seeking a divorce from her husband. Ron began to get revelations from God, which he shared with his other School members, only for Onias to declare him the God-selected one among them.

Is 'Andrew Garfield' a Real-Life Mormon Detective

Is Detective Jeb Pyre Losing His Mormon Faith in Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 6?

Detective Pyre is losing his Mormon faith, to be sure. When Pyre begins his investigation into Brenda and Erica’s murders, he makes every effort to ensure that the incident does not have a significant impact on his Mormon community, especially when several Mormons are suspects.

Gradually, he realises that the very faith to which he clings has played a horrifying role in the murders. Pyre quickly realises that the killings were motivated by religion, which has an impact on him as a believer. The experience with Sam Lafferty and the discovery of “a holy list” causes him to doubt his faith even more.

Pyre quickly discovers that his faith is deeply misogynistic, which has hurt Ron’s wife Dianna, Dan’s wife Matilda, and Allen’s wife, Brenda’s life. Pyre, a father of two girls, is crushed by his knowledge that the women of the Lafferty family, one of the most religious Mormon families in his community, had suffered greatly in the name of their beliefs.

When his girls are ready for their first communion, he hesitates. Furthermore, the presence of rites such as blood atonement leads him to believe that the true Mormon faith is more harmful than what he has practised his entire life.

Pyre reaches rock bottom after learning more about the alleged revelation Ron received from God. He is unable to fully believe in his faith and finds solace in the sacred scriptures. Pyre is dealing with a problem that has the potential to impact his Mormon family as well as himself. Pyre is concerned about how his religious wife will deal with and accept his gradual loss of religion, in addition to his slow loss of faith.

Where are Ron and Dan

What Happened to Ron and Dan? Are they at Dream Mine with Prophet Onias?

When Pyre and Bill understand that Sam did not commit the murders, they focus their efforts on finding Ron and Dan. Their realisation that Ron shared his brother Dan’s fundamentalist beliefs only adds to their suspicions that the brothers murdered Brenda and Erica.

The police link Brenda and Erica’s killings to the aftermath of Dianna’s divorce from him, thanks to the Lows’ disclosure that Ron was enraged at them for assisting Dianna. Despite exploring every available clue, they are unable to locate the boys. Brady, in the meantime, tells them about Prophet Onias and Dream Mine.

Since Prophet Onias was the first to proclaim Ron as the God-selected one who would lead them back to the Mormon faith’s traditional ways and practises, he could be assisting Ron and Dan in hiding from the police.

The boys could have been hiding at Dream Mine since it serves as a safe haven for them. Bill mulls it over and heads for the mine, where he encounters Onias. He might find the brothers sheltering there, but apprehending them will be difficult for him because he comes at the mine without support.

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