The Midnight Club: What Happened to Aceso’s Daughter Athena?

What Happened to Aceso’s Daughter Athena in The Midnight Club

What Happened to Aceso’s Daughter Athena in The Midnight Club? – Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong are the creators of the American horror mystery-thriller streaming television series “The Midnight Club,” with Flanagan serving as showrunner and executive producer alongside Trevor Macy. The series, which is based on Christopher Pike’s 1994 book of the same name, follows eight hospice patients who get together every midnight to share scary tales.

The film’s titular patients are played by Iman Benson, Adia, Igby Rigney, Ruth Codd, Aya Furukawa, Annarah Shephard, William Chris Sumpter, and Sauriyan Sapkota. Zach Gilford, Matt Biedel, Samantha Sloyan, and Heather Langenkamp all have recurring parts.

Netflix released The Midnight Club on October 7, 2022.

The Midnight Club on Netflix is set in a hospice with many mysteries. Ilonka travels to Brightcliffe in search of treatment for her ailment. Strange and violent historical occurrences are revealed when she investigates the location’s past. It turns out that the Paragon Cult formerly considered Brightcliffe its home.

The cult was directed by Regina Ballard, who went by the name Aceso, and was interested in maintaining a long life by adhering to traditional Greek practices. The series eventually reveals what happened to Aceso, although it is ambiguous regarding what happened to her daughter. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re curious about what happened to her and how she fits into Ilonka and her friends’ tale.

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What Happened to Aceso’s Daughter Athena
The Midnight Club. (L to R) Igby Rigney as Kevin, Iman Benson as Ilonka in episode 103 of The Midnight Club. Cr. Eike Schroter/Netflix © 2022

What Happened to Athena?

Aceso wanted to establish the Paragon as a location where she could promote health and healing when she initially started it. She was young when she lost her husband and son, and this loss motivated her to look for a way to lengthen her life. She was drawn to the rituals that offered what she sought because she was fascinated with the five Greek goddesses, one of whom she named herself after.

Brightcliffe appeared to the outer world to be simply another place where spiritual healing techniques were preferred over Western medicine. Aceso and her followers had access to the herbs and spring water that they used to prepare tea and other brews, thanks to the property’s lush woodland. It superficially resembled the hospice that Georgina Stanton ran decades later. But its basement held all of its mysteries.

Aceso’s obsession with the goddesses had a negative impact on her mental health, and she soon switched from ritual sacrifice to offer. At first, just animals were killed, but soon Aceso advanced to sacrificing people. Athena, her daughter, who was just sixteen at the time, could see her mother’s deadly route. They had children living with them, and she was aware that they would soon perish if they stayed close to her mother. So, one night, she sneaked away from the kids and contacted the police to get her mother to stop. They discovered Aceso in the basement together with the bodies of other women who had performed the same ritual that Shasta later tried with Ilonka.

After her mother passed away, Athena assumed a new identity and relocated. But eventually, she came back, this time as Georgina Stanton, to Brightcliffe. Stanton’s past is seldom touched upon in the show, and this alone is sufficient evidence that she is hiding some secrets. She was a member of the paragon, as evidenced by the hourglass tattoo on the back of her neck that is only revealed at the end of the season. She probably returned to Brightcliffe despite everything that had occurred there because she couldn’t shake the impression that the location was unique despite her mother’s behavior.

It also exposed Stanton’s tattoo and the fact that she had been hiding her bald head under a wig. The chance exists that Stanton herself may be unwell; however, this has not been confirmed. She might have come to Brightcliffe in search of the same thing her mother did, and the fact that she has survived this time may support Shasta’s earlier observations about her.

Perhaps Stanton does know everything about Brighcliffe and is keeping it a secret. There is still no clear indication of whether she is dying or not, or what she is doing to prolong her life, but one thing is certain. Stanton’s upbringing influenced the decision to purchase Brightcliffe as Athena, but there’s a lot more going on here than she’s willing to admit.

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