Where is ABC’s Drama Series “Alaska Daily” Filmed?

Where is ABC’s Alaska Daily Filmed

Where is ABC’s Alaska Daily Filmed? – Alaska Daily, a new drama from ABC, centers on a New York-born journalist who relocates to Alaska to relaunch her career.

In the ABC drama series “Alaska Daily“, Hilary Swank plays a journalist looking for a fresh start. Famous New York City news anchor Eileen Fitzgerald moves to Anchorage, Alaska, following a severe professional setback. She works hard to get back on her feet by joining a daily metro newspaper there. In addition to regaining her brilliant career, Eileen wants to clear her name of certain personal transgressions.

To uncover the truth, the brilliant journalist quickly looks into many instances involving missing and murdered Native women.

Hilary Swank plays the series’ star, and numerous other actors play essential supporting roles. Swank portrays an accomplished journalist who loses her work in a big metropolis and relocates to a small town to take a job offered by her former employer.

Hilary Swank plays the title character Eileen on the show. In superb form, Swank portrays her character’s tension, worry, and perplexity throughout the trailer. The show also features Jeff Perry as Stanley in addition to Swank.

The show’s compelling storyline and riveting cast performances keep viewers interested until the very end. The natural setting of a small town and newspaper office also asks where “Alaska Daily” is actually filmed. So, if you’re interested in learning more, here are all the details!

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ABC’s “Alaska Daily” Filming Locations

Filming locations for “Alaska Daily” include Metro Vancouver, Squamish, the North Slave Region, and Anchorage in Alaska, the Northwest Territories, and British Columbia. The pilot was recorded earlier in March of the same year, and principal photography for the show’s first season began in August of that year. Although most of the episode was filmed in British Columbia, it is set in the fictional Alaskan community of Mead. Let’s now tour each location that is mentioned in the drama series.

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

The Metro Vancouver region, which has Vancouver at its centre, is where a large portion of “Alaska Daily” was shot. In Vancouver, where the US Consulate was re-created at the Fortress Film Center at 1745 West 8th Avenue and Pine Street, the actors and crew commenced the season 1 filming schedule. It appears that certain scenes from the first season were shot at 1950 Franklin Street in the neighborhood.

The camera crew also travels to Burnaby and Steveston, a Richmond-area neighborhood. Additionally, a fire scene for the first season was filmed at Cloverdale, a town square in the city of Surrey. To acquire the necessary shot, the crew built a false diner called Rita’s Diner on an empty parking lot in the city. Numerous more motion pictures and television programs, such as “Lou,” “Thor: Love and Thunder,” “Devil in Ohio,” and “Quantum Leap,” have been produced in Metro Vancouver.

Squamish, British Columbia

On the north end of Howe Sound, in the community and separate municipality of Squamish, additional “Alaska Daily” segments are recorded. The Squamish Spit and Estuary, a well-liked tourist spot with stunning views of the Stawamus Chief, was the location where the production team mainly shot numerous sequences.

Several outside sequences were filmed on Shannon Falls Road, which connects to the renowned Shannon Falls Provincial Park. The key economic drivers in Squamish are the tourism industry and outdoor sports, including hiking, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and river rafting.

North Slave Region, Northwest Territories

Essential “Alaska Daily” scenes are filmed in the North Slave Region, the Northwest Territories’ most populated administrative region. A few sequences from season 1 were seen being filmed by the cast and crew in the First Nations Community of Dettah. While a mock cemetery was built on the set for several scenes, the band office was designed to seem like the Meade police station.

A senior living facility’s exterior was additionally transformed into the City Hall. In addition to Dettah, Yellowknife plays a significant role in the series production.

Anchorage, Alaska

It makes it logical for the filmmaking crew to shoot the establishing shots in Alaska because the show is set there. They primarily established their camp in Anchorage, the biggest city in the state and located on Cook Inlet. The city is renowned for its vibrant culture and hosts numerous tourist attractions, including the Alaska Native Heritage Center, Flattop Mountain Recreation Area, Anchorage Museum, and the Alaska Botanical Garden.

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