Where is Brenda Lafferty’s Sister Betty Lafferty Today?

Where is Brenda Lafferty's Sister Betty Lafferty Today1

Under the Banner of Heaven: Is Betty Really Brenda Lafferty’s Sister? Where is She Now? Let’s find her. Detectives Pyre and Bill investigate Ron and Dan’s participation in the killings of Brenda and Erica Lafferty in the sixth episode of FX on Hulu’s crime series ‘Under the Banner of Heaven.’

Following their conversation with Bishop Low, the detectives discover that the deaths could be linked to Dianna’s divorce from Ron, as Brenda was one of the people who assisted her in obtaining it.

To chat about Brenda, Pyre meets with Brenda’s father, Jim, and sister, Betty. To solve the killings, Betty gives Pyre a set of letters written by her sister. We looked into Betty’s real-life relationships since we were intrigued by her. Here’s what we discovered!

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Brenda Lafferty's Sister Betty Lafferty

Is Betty the Real Sister of Brenda Lafferty?

YES, Betty is the Real Sister of Brenda Lafferty. Betty was raised in Kimberly, Idaho, with five sisters, including Brenda, and a brother. Betty saw Brenda as her “best friend,” according to Jon Krakauer’s eponymous book, which served as the show’s inspiration. Brenda began dating Allen Lafferty while on a mission in Argentina. Brenda used to write to Betty every week about her life.

“There was an instant bond between Allen and our family when he first joined us. He was liked by all of us. As Betty told Krakauer for his book, “He was like a lovely big brother to us.”

Even after Brenda’s marriage to Allen, Betty remained a significant figure in her life. Brenda sought Betty’s and another sister, Sharon’s assistance in determining whether Allen was getting connected with his brothers at the School of the Prophets, according to Betty. “Around this time, my younger sister, Sharon, and I paid Brenda and Allen a visit.

“While we were there, Brenda ensured that either Sharon or I accompanied Allen wherever he went,” Betty informed Krakauer. “Then she’d grill us about where he went and who he talked to when we got home,” she continued.

According to Betty, Brenda stated her desire to leave Allen and establish a new life with their grandparents in Montana before she died in 1984. Betty encouraged Brenda to continue her life with Allen, despite the fact that Allen was allegedly abusing her sister. “But you won’t be able to!” You’re now married. If things aren’t going well, just work them out!” According to Krakauer’s book, Betty told Brenda at the time.

Betty last saw her sister Brenda alive on July 19, 1984, five days before Brenda and Erica were murdered. When the couple went out, she went to her sister and brother-in-law’s house in American Fork to look after Erica. Betty was getting ready for her wedding and intended to tell her sister about it soon after the pair arrived home.

“However, when they [Brenda and Allen] returned home from supper, it was clear that she and Allen had fought. She had been crying, I could tell. She told Krakauer, “I was terribly disappointed, but I knew I had to leave.” She went on to say, “That was the last time I ever saw my sister.”

Betty believes that if Allen had told his wife about Ron’s discovery, Brenda and Erica would not have been slain. “If he [Allen] had notified Brenda about Ron’s disclosure, she would have bolted, and she would still be alive today.” Brenda, on the other hand, had no idea,” she told Krakauer.

What Happened to Betty Lafferty and Where Is She Now?

Betty and her husband appear to be currently residing in the Utah city of St. George. The couple has three children together. Betty has opted to keep her personal life private, interacting with the media only when absolutely necessary.

In the wake of the 35th anniversary of Brenda and Erica’s deaths, she spoke with ABC4 in 2019. “We just commemorated Brenda and Erica’s 35th wedding anniversary. Nothing seems to happen, and I’m still not sure whether it will happen in my lifetime,” Betty told ABC4.

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