Five Days at Memorial: Where is Ex-Memorial Doctor Anna Pou Today?

Where is Ex-Memorial Doctor Anna Pou Now

Five Days at Memorial’: Where is Ex-Memorial Doctor Anna Pou Now? – The planned American catastrophe medical drama television miniseries “Five Days at Memorial” is based on Sheri Fink’s 2013 novel of the same name. John Ridley and Carlton Cuse collaborated on the miniseries’ script and direction. On Apple TV+, the show is scheduled to debut on August 12, 2022.

Dr. Anna Pou oversees hospital patient care and evacuation protocols alongside several other doctors.

Additionally, it is claimed that the doctor gave deadly amounts of morphine and/or other medications to several patients whose remains were discovered days after the hospital was evacuated. The audience must be wondering whether Anna is based on a real doctor as she is one of the main characters in the story. Let’s respond the same way!

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Is Dr. Anna Pou Based on a Real Memorial Doctor

Is Dr. Anna Pou Based on a Real-Life Memorial Doctor?

Yes, the fictional Dr. Anna Pou is based on a real-life Memorial physician. Pou was one of the medical professionals that worked at the Memorial Medical Center in 2005 during the five days that floods forced the hospital building to be shut down. During that time, she also provided care to patients at LifeCare. Nine dead bodies of LifeCare patients had morphine in them, according to autopsies done following the discovery of 45 dead bodies at Memorial a few days after the evacuation.

In July 2006, almost a year after the deaths of four of the nine patients, Anna Pou and two nurses were detained and charged with second-degree murder. Pou finally admitted in a 2007 interview with Newsweek that she had given morphine to nine patients while aware that the drug might expedite their deaths. “The goal was to alleviate pain for the individuals who needed it and calm the nervous people. That was all there was to it,” she remarked in the interview, stating that she had no intention of killing the patients.

Pou also denied claims that she put the patients to death at the time. I disagree with euthanasia. I don’t believe that anyone has the right to decide whether a patient lives or dies. However, comfort care is something in which I do believe. She told Morley Safer for “60 Minutes” that this included making sure they didn’t experience any discomfort. A state grand jury was sworn in to hear Pou’s case in March 2007. The district attorney’s office produced the 10-count bill of indictment.

According to reports, the indictment against Pou included nine counts of the lesser conspiracy to commit second-degree murder against each of the nine patients who passed away in LifeCare Hospitals, in addition to one case of second-degree murder against Emmett Everett. The grand jury decided not to indict the doctor on any of the counts mentioned above on July 24, 2007. Following Orleans Parish Coroner Frank Minyard’s designation of the patients’ deaths as “undetermined” rather than homicide, the jury reached their verdict.

Where is Dr. Anna Pou Today?

Dr. Anna Pou is currently working as a surgeon focusing on head and neck surgical oncology in the Louisiana city of Covington, which is part of St. Tammany Parish. Pou had her accusations dropped when the jury decided against bringing charges against her. At a press conference, Pou stated that she was “at home with my husband and I dropped to my knees and thanked God” when she learned of the same.

After the jury decided not to indict the doctor, a resolution was passed in 2009 stating that the State of Louisiana would pay Pou’s legal bills, which totaled over $450,000. Pou was a pivotal contributor to the creation and passage of three laws in Louisiana that protect medical professionals from the majority of civil lawsuits, except those involving willful misconduct. These laws cover their involvement in upcoming disasters such as hurricanes and pandemic influenza.

Naturally, Dr. Anna Pou has decided to keep her private life private and uses her social media platforms to promote charities she supports. Pou has established himself as a renowned speaker in the medical industry, where he frequently addresses topics like the responsibility of doctors in times of crisis and the ethical issues that arise. Pou was awarded the presidential citation by The American Head & Neck Society in 2021.

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