Westworld Season 4: Who is C’s Father And What Happened to Him?

Who is C’s Father in Westworld

Who is C’s Father in Westworld? What Happened to Him? – Westworld Season 4 Episode 3, Annees Folles, already aired, and it shocked the internet. The episode, which was directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper and written by Kevin Lau and Suzanne Wrubel, was full of suspense as our heroes attempted some valiant duties, a well-known face reappeared, and things went deadly at the new theme park.

In the episode, Akecheta was found by Bernard after he awoke and was led by a white horse through a lot of horrifying experiences to a White Tower. After Akecheta gave them an explanation, Bernard and Stubbs left for the road and encountered a mystery woman who led them to the desert.

The curly-haired woman is known as C, and Bernard searches for the weapon in the fourth episode of the season. C explains to Bernard that she has her own reasons for “digging in the dunes” when he asks her why she believes in him. Bernard surmises that she is looking for information about her father’s whereabouts. Let us share the answers if you’re curious about C’s father and what happened to him in HBO Westworld Season 4.

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Who is C’s Father

Who is the Father of C in “Westworld”?

C is none other than Frankie, and Caleb Nichols (Aaron Paul) is C’s father. Bernard unearths Maeve Millay’s body in his search for the hidden weapon. He reassures C that Caleb is the father she has been looking for “beneath the dunes” by letting her know that Caleb’s body isn’t lying there in the desert. Uwade and Frankie may have discovered that Caleb is in grave danger after eluding the host version of Carver.

They might have managed to avoid Hale’s followers in order to survive as they awaited a never-shown Caleb. Frankie might have left to find out what had happened to her father when Caleb hadn’t returned. Frankie is unaware of Caleb’s whereabouts. She is unsure if he is indeed alive or just dead somewhere. She might be “digging” to find out if he is truly dead so that she can put the uncertainty about his fate to rest.

Hale may have finally come to understand that C/Frankie had harmed her father. She may be a member of a resistance group that seeks to track down Hale for destroying humanity. Since C’s plot takes place 23 years after Caleb’s attempts to stop Hale, it’s possible that she has already exterminated a sizable portion of the human race.

One of the few organisations that can withstand Hale’s brutality may be C’s group. It is evident that they are getting ready for battle because her boss accepts and requires weapons. The war they wish to wage can only be against Hale because she is the new dictator, especially in light of the fact that she has destroyed humanity, and C has a personal motivation for doing so.

What Happened to C’s Father

 What Happened to C’s Father? Is He Dead?

The day Caleb tries to flee the brand-new Delos park, tying Hale and Maeve together, Caleb really passes away. The memory of Hale’s final moments is then incorporated into his host version so that he might understand what actually occurred to him. Hale awakens Caleb in the fourth episode of the fourth season from his final recollections of his human counterpart, who passed away 23 years prior.

Caleb is currently Hale’s prisoner, much as William would be in his human form. Even more so, Hale permits Caleb to see what she has accomplished in 23 years when he witnesses people being manipulated by the Tower, which is a more powerful version of her sounding device.

Hale would want Caleb’s host version to understand how he and the human species fell short in a conflict with her, the Hosts’ representative. She believes Caleb to be the human race’s saviour, and she wants him to experience helplessness as she kills the very people he had protected by destroying the Rehoboam. She might also be curious to know how stuck he feels in his role as a host, just like the Westworld hosts who were under human control.

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