Will Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) Die in Westworld Season 4?

Will Bernard Die

Will Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) Die in Westworld Season 4? – Westworld’s complexity is only surpassed by its rich storytelling, like many HBO Max television programmes. Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright), one of the characters, has spent the entire series on a quest for self-discovery. Season after season, viewers excitedly watched as a show that began in a theme park progressed into the “real world.”

Bernard enters the Sublime in the third season’s climactic scene. In the third episode of season 4, Bernard investigates various alternate futures in search of a solution to prevent the extinction of humanity. Since Bernard suggests that the character might pass away, viewers must be interested in learning whether this will happen during the season. Let’s discuss our ideas!

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Will Bernard lowe Die

Will Bernard Lowe Die?

When Bernard first enters the Sublime, he sees a chaotic universe. He notices burning buildings, streets, and trees, which represent destruction and doom. He enters the enigmatic Tower, where he encounters Akecheta, who reveals that there are other possible futures. Bernard investigates each possible scenario with Akecheta’s assistance in order to determine whether the planet may be spared.

He discovers that there is a method, only to realise that the particular version endangers his own life. Akecheta asks Bernard what happens to him in it, and Bernard responds that he dies in every scenario. When Bernard’s awareness leaves the Sublime, he returns to the physical world and decides to save it. He explains to Ashley Stubbs that in order for the specific version of the future to come to pass and rescue the planet, they must take certain actions.

Bernard very likely will die since he unwaveringly pursues his goal of preventing the specific future in which he perishes while trying to save the world. He affirms to Akecheta that, should the specific version of the future be triggered, there is no scenario in which he survives.

Bernard doesn’t specify how he will pass away, though. He must contend with the desires and power of the host version of Charlotte Hale as she advances in her goal to wipe out humanity since he is on a mission to save the world. If Bernard defeats Hale and perishes as a result of her, Hale may make a replica of him and enlist him in her army of hosts.

Hale enjoys creating duplicates of her adversaries, from William, a.k.a. the Man in Black to Clementine Pennyfeather, to use as her warriors. If that is the case, we can anticipate a copy version under Hale’s control, even though Bernard’s original version may pass away.

Will Bernard Die in Westworld Season 4

Hale might imitate Dolores and sacrifice himself to ensure the survival of humanity if he refuses to make Bernard’s replica. Bernard prioritises saving the world even after learning of his own death, demonstrating the latter’s importance to him. If Bernard’s passing is the final element needed for the planet to survive, it wouldn’t be shocking. Similar to Dolores’ passing in the third season finale, Bernard may also pass away in the fourth season finale, with his passing probably having a major impact on the future of the human race.

Bernard has the option to go back to the Sublime and choose life over death. However, he has consistently put the survival of the globe before his own life. Bernard is also not connected to the outside world in any way. After learning that Lauren Weber and Charlie Weber, who has now passed away, are Arnold Weber’s actual wife and son, respectively, he ends his relationship with both of them. Bernard might be willing to choose death over the continuation of the human race as a result.

It’s possible that Bernard will be safe now that Serac is no longer around because “The Sublime” also contained the information he required to execute his hostile takeover of the human world in Season 3.

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