Will There be a “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” Movie Sequel?

Will There be a Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Sequel

Will There be a Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Sequel? – On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” a new horror film from Netflix, is anticipated to debut. The movie is about a young person who becomes friends with an elderly billionaire. The young man discovers that he may still contact the billionaire after he passes away.

The movie is based on the Stephen King story of the same name from the collection If It Bleeds and is directed by John Lee Hancock. Donald Sutherland and Jaden Martell play key roles.

The Netflix horror movie “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” which is based on Stephen King’s eponymous novella, centers on Mr. John Harrigan, a well-known businessman. He seeks refuge in a large estate in the village of Harlow in Maine. He hires Craig, a young child, to read his books. Ultimately, Craig and Harrigan develop a sweet friendship shattered by the businessman’s passing. Craig buries himself along with Harrigan’s phone while keeping it hidden beneath his coat during the burial.

The plot of “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” develops through the messages that Craig gets through Harrigan’s phone after the businessman has been buried. Both critics and viewers had varied opinions of the movie; however, Jaeden Martell as Craig and Donald Sutherland as Harrigan won appreciation for their roles. Viewers could be curious whether a sequel would emerge since the movie leaves room for it to happen. Let’s discuss what we know, then!

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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone 2 Release Date1

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone 2 Release Date

On October 5, 2022, Netflix will release the global premiere of “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.” Here’s what we can share with you on the sequel’s potential.

The sequel to “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” hasn’t yet received a response from Netflix or the movie’s creators. It doesn’t necessarily follow, though, that the sequel won’t occur. The story could have been continued after the movie’s climax. After Deane Whitmore’s death, Craig realizes the risks of remaining in contact with Harrigan, so he throws away his phone but maintains his replacement with the same number. Through Craig’s new phone, Harrigan might get in touch with his friend, and the prospective follow-up could focus on the businessman’s entrance back into Craig’s life.

Furthermore, although Harrigan wants Craig to accept his death and move on from him, he doesn’t second-guess his decision to defend Craig. Even if it results in additional deaths, Harrigan might assist Craig again if he finds himself in a dire situation that could endanger his life. If the movie gets a sequel, it might show Craig’s attempts to become a screenwriter and Harrigan defending him because he understands how dangerous the movie business can be. Furthermore, since Harrigan can message someone else from his murky past, the forthcoming sequel need not even follow Craig.

The film makes cryptic and vague references to Harrigan’s history. It is clear that the businessman’s life was full of adventure before moving to Harlow. The potential follow-up may introduce a character from his past and show how they reconnected with Harrigan via the latter’s phone. Since Stephen King didn’t create a sequel to the original novella, John Lee Hancock, a director, and screenwriter, might come up with a unique story for the potential film. A sequel to the movie is definitely a possibility. If it receives quick approval, we may anticipate releasing “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” somewhere in the third or fourth quarter of 2024 or later.

More than any other genre, horror movies have had more of their sequels approved over time. The increasing popularity of sequels to well-known horror movies, as evidenced by “It Chapter Two,” “Terrifier 2,” “A Quiet Place Part II,” the 2022 movie “Scream,” etc., shows that Hancock’s film does have a potential to obtain a narrative continuation. If not, Netflix and the movie’s creators might work together once more to approve an original movie based on another novella from King’s collection, “If It Bleeds,” which also contains the story that serves as the inspiration for “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.”

On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone will be available on Netflix.

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