Who is Aaron David Robinson From “I Am Vanessa Guillen”?

Who is Aaron David Robinson

Who is Aaron David Robinson? Where Is Aaron David Robinson Now? – The Netflix original film “I Am Vanessa Guillen” tells the tale of a 20-year-old American Army soldier who was killed at her post by Aaron David Robinson. In the wake of allegations of sexual assault inside the US Army ranks, the young soldier’s death caused widespread media outcry. Before the authorities were able to find Vanessa’s remains, she vanished for an extended period of time.

The incident also aroused discussions on the U.S. Army’s state, a subject that is typically taboo.

Aaron David Robinson, an E4 Specialist and certified Combat Engineer, is the main suspect in this crime. He allegedly engaged in an illicit relationship with another soldier’s ex-wife. He killed Vanessa as soon as she learned about it in order to comply with army fraternization regulations. For more information on Aaron David Robinson, continue reading.

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Who was Aaron David Robinson? What Crime He Did?

Twenty-year-old Aaron David Robinson served in the US Army as a 12B, Combat Engineer. He was an Illinois native, hailing from Calumet City. He enlisted in the army in 2017 and was an E4 Specialist at the time of his passing, which occurred many months after Vanessa’s passing.

Vanessa Guillen disclosed to her mother that she was being sexually assaulted at work before she passed away. Robinson probably wasn’t involved. However, Robinson broke the fraternization restrictions by having an affair with Cecily Aguilar, the estranged wife of another Fort Hood soldier.

Robinson is thought to have killed Vanessa after she noticed the image on his phone’s lock screen, which featured an image of Aguilar. According to a paper created during Aguilar’s “confession,”

“Guillen noticed the image of Aguilar on Robinson’s phone’s lock screen.

Since Aguilar was still married to another soldier and Guillen had been struck in the head with a hammer, he confessed to her that he was concerned about going into difficulties for breaking the Army’s fraternization standards.”

Robinson is said to have had assistance from Aguilar in burying the body’s pieces next to the Leon River. When the bones were found, Cecily Anne Aguilar, who had at first denied any participation, finally admitted that Robinson had killed Vanessa. While in jail, Aguilar also spoke with Aaron David Robinson.

As stated in the document:

The two discussed turning themselves in together and Robinson said that he would if she would meet with him first,…

They also discussed news reports from that day saying officers had recovered human remains near the Leon River in Belton, to which Robinson said, ‘baby they found pieces… they found pieces!

Robinson broke out of Fort Hood prison after learning that Vanessa’s remains had been discovered. Police were after him. When Killeen police found Robinson and made an effort to speak with him, he shot himself to death.

“I Am Vanessa Guillen” on Netflix, which premieres on November 17, goes into great detail about this.

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