Andrew Vlastos Murder Case: Where is Sylvia Mitchell Today?

Andrew Vlastos Murder: Where is Sylvia Mitchell Now? – When Andrew Vlasto’s wife poisoned him, he was 85 years old. Andrew married Sylvia Mitchell, who was 57 years younger than him, just three months before his death.

Three weeks after the incident, on November 10, 1993, he passed away in a hospital. The older man came from a well-known Greek-American family, the creators of Atlantis, the country’s first Greek-language newspaper.

Following his admission of guilt to homicide, grand theft, and perjury in the case, Mitchell was given a prison term of five to fifteen years. The Investigation Discovery episode “Black Widows: Kiss, Marry, Kill” will explore Andrew Vlasto’s murder case in a future episode this Thursday, September 29, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET, although her current whereabouts are unknown.

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How Did Andrew Vlastos Die

Andrew Vlastos’ Cause of Death

Greek-born Andrew Vlasto, a lawyer and financier, was born and raised in Greece. But in 1945, at age 37, he immigrated to America in hopes of a better life. The Atlantis was a Greek-language newspaper that Andrew’s ancestors had started in the nation in 1894. He continued to work for the journal as an editor and production manager after the relocation up to its discontinuation in 1974.

Andrew was residing in a rent-controlled apartment in New York City, New York, at the time of the event. He was admitted to a hospital in New York in October 1993 and given a drug overdose diagnosis. About three weeks later, on November 10, 1993, the 85-year-old passed away. Andrew overdosed on barbiturates and opiates, which aggravated his toxic infection and pneumonia, which ultimately led to his death, according to an autopsy.

Sylvia Mitchell

Who Kill Andrew Vlastos and Why?

The drug discovered in Andrew’s system had not been prescribed by hospital staff. In addition, the autopsy revealed that he had Alzheimer’s disease, raising concerns about his capacity to care for himself before passing away. Jim noticed an oddity in his uncle’s death right away. When he visited the hospital in October 1993, he discovered that Andrew had only ever been married once. The wife of Andrew Mitchell, Sylvia Mitchell, forbade Jim from going to see his uncle. She even opposed having an autopsy done after the death.

In 1991, Andrew had encountered Sylvia at a McDonald’s. She reported doing housekeeping work for him and claimed they started dating in the spring of 1993. They got engaged quickly and got married in August 1993. However, the authorities later discovered that on the wedding day, Andrew was “unable to walk on his own” and appeared unaware of his surroundings.

The couple opened a joint bank account after the wedding, and a month later, $70,000 was wired to an Atlantic City, New Jersey, casino. Later, Sylvia admitted to multiple ATM withdrawals totalling $9,500 more from the account. Jim also discovered that a week or so before he visited the New York hospital, Andrew had been treated for a heroin overdose at a hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Andrew’s money appeared to be Sylvia’s focus; she even fought for his estate before giving up her claim to it. Another unexpected revelation was that Sylvia was already married to another guy when she married Andrew. She shared a home with Ephrem Tene-Bimbo in Manhattan, New York, and the two of them had kids there as well.

After learning of her link to Ephrem, the authorities wondered if Sylvia was acting as a member of the Tene-Bimbo family, a Gypsy tribe. Five males in San Francisco, California, died between 1984 and 1994, ranging in age from 87 to 96. All of the men were befriended by a young woman connected to the Tene-Bimbo family. In two cases, the women wed the males just before they passed away. Later, the authorities learned that those males had been poisoned with the cardiac medication digitalis.

Where is Sylvia Mitchell Now?

The police hypothesised that Sylvia Mitchell took money out of Andrew Vlastos’ bank account while giving him codeine, Valium, and other narcotics. She entered a guilty plea to second-degree manslaughter, grand theft, and perjury in June 2000, when she was 35 years old. Although the police thought Ephrem was a part of the plot to kill Andrew, they lacked the proof to support their claim in court.

Sylvia received a five- to a 15-year prison term in July 2000. The programme claims that she spent ten years in jail before being freed in 2009. Sylvia Mitchell has kept a quiet profile ever since. She was last seen in New York, but little is known about where she works or where she currently resides.

This Thursday, September 29, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET, “Black Widows: Kiss, Marry, Kill” on the ID will air.

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