Annamarie Rintala Murder: Where is Cara Rintala Today?

Annamarie Rintala Murder

Annamarie Rintala Murder: Where is Cara Rintala Now? – Annamarie’s lifeless body was discovered on the bottom of the basement stairs by her wife Cara on March 29, 2010. Years later, Cara would be found guilty and placed under custody for her murder, but the domestic violence aspect of the case—which was unmistakably present—was never brought up. There were indications that Cara and Annamarie had been abusive to one another in the months and years before the day Annamarie’s body was discovered. Both of them had even filed restraining orders against one another at one point.

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How Did Annamarie Rintala Die

Annamarie Rintala’s Cause of Death

William C. and Lucy (Martin) Cochrane welcomed Annamarie Rintala into the world on July 30, 1972, in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. She participated in a paramedic programme in Granby, Connecticut, after completing her high school education at Cathedral. She also attended studies at Springfield College, Notre Dame, American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts, and Master Dive School in Palm Beach, Florida.

She was a paramedic for AMR Ambulance Medical Services in Holyoke and Springfield. Annamarie cherished her career, which involved saving lives and assisting those in need. She enjoyed travelling, golfing, supporting the Notre Dame football team, taking pictures, and scuba diving in her free time. She fell in love with Cara Lee Rintala, a fellow paramedic, and the two of them moved in together and adopted a young child from Granby. They were just a regular, content little family until tragedy struck.

When Cara and their daughter arrived home on March 29, 2010, she discovered Annamarie dead on the basement floor at around 7 o’clock. Before going to check on Annamarie, she hurried her daughter to a neighbour’s house and urged them to dial 911. When the first responders arrived on the scene, they saw Cara cradling Annamarie’s body and declared her dead. The most astounding aspect of the crime scene was that paint was found on the victim’s and her wife’s bodies and on the cellar floor.

The paint was described as “white, wet, and shining” by the survey takers. The medical examiner discovered 23 new, distinct bruises on Annamarie’s body, including numerous blunt head injuries. An autopsy determined her cause of death to be manual strangulation, which supported the injuries to her neck. It was “cold and rigid,” according to the officers and doctors who had carried the body from the basement.

Who Killed Annamarie Rintala

Who Killed Annamarie Rintala and Why?

The detectives launched a thorough investigation of Cara since they had suspicions. Cara gave a timeline of her actions on March 29 during her police questioning. On the evening of March 28, she got into a fight with Annamarie about hanging out with a male acquaintance at home while the latter was away. The following day, Cara left the house with their daughter at 3 p.m. The investigators tried to follow her every move by correlating them with physical evidence and CCTV footage.

Cara said she went to the Holyoke Mall, and just before five o’clock that night, she was seen on surveillance. She next went to a McDonald’s, where security footage caught her parking her truck close to the back parking lot and throwing a few things away in a trash bin. Before coming home, she went to a nearby grocery store and restaurant. On March 30, a state trooper went to McDonald’s to inspect the trash and found three rags, one of which had a “faint bloodstain.”

The most significant development in law enforcement came as a result of this bloodstain. The victim was identified as a potential contributor when the bloodstain was examined in the crime lab of the Massachusetts State Police. According to the prosecution, Cara allegedly strangled Annamarie in March 2010 because of their “acrimonious, at times violent” marriage. The victim was repeatedly texted and called while she was allegedly driving around all day to “show that she felt the victim was alive,” which was how she reportedly got rid of the evidence.

Cara poured the paint before the first respondents reached the crime scene to destroy any forensic evidence and further muddle the case. In October 2011, she was charged with murdering Annamarie, a 37-year-old woman, in the first degree. The case later went to trial.

Where is Cara Rintala Today

Where is Cara Rintala Now?

Cara Rintala’s early 2013 and 2014 trials resulted in mistrials because the jury could not agree on a verdict. She was released on $150,000 bail in March 2014, only to have her third trial begin in the fall of 2016. Cara was found guilty of first-degree murder this time. David Guilianelli, a quality engineer at Glidden Paint, the same business that is accused of using paint to contaminate the crime scene, testified for the prosecution. The expert concluded that Cara was responsible for the deliberate pouring of the paint and offered a time frame.

Cara was given a life sentence without the possibility of release, but in September 2021, the State Supreme Judicial Court ordered the fourth trial after overturning the conviction. In November 2021, Cara was released on $50,000 cash bail or a $500,000 personal surety. She now resides in Rhode Island with her ageing parents and her adolescent daughter. September 6, 2023, has been selected as the day of her fourth trial.

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