Are Callum and Madeline From ‘Love Island Australia’ Still Together or Separated?

Are Callum and Madeline From Love Island Australia Still Together? – On Monday, October 31, 2022, 9Now broadcast the launch of Love Island Australia’s fourth season, which was hosted by Sophie Monk and narrated by Stephen Mullan. The fans of the fourth season of Love Island Australia want to know if Callum and Madeline are still together after they made it to the top 3 finalists. To learn more, see Are Callum And Madeline Still Together?

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Callum and Madeline’s Journey in Love Island

During the show’s finale, Calum promised he would check in with Layla John, a former love interest, and he did as he said. He added that I spoke to Layla and other people when I first came out to check in and explain my position with Mads.

Madeline expressed her gratitude for making the final three, along with Callum and her brother Hugh. Early in 2023, Maya Jama will take over as the new host of Love Island. The programme airs on ITV2 and is catch-up-only on BritBox and ITVX.

Claudia and Austen were declared the 2022 season winners in the program that aired on Tuesday night.

Are Callum and Madeline Still Together?

No, Callum and Madeline are not together. Madeline Wilcox and Callum Hole, a pair on Love Island Australia, have separated.

The couple revealed that long-distance dating has been problematic since the show’s production ended and described how this contributed to their decision to separate ways, despite getting along when Madeline entered the villa as a bombshell and making it all the way to the final.

In response to 9Entertainment, Madeline said, “No, I wouldn’t say we’re together. “Since we were on the show, we kept things quite informal, and I suppose we’ll sort of see what happens, but no. We are not a unit.”

She went on: “He lives in a different state from me (Queensland), and I live in Melbourne, so we didn’t remain in touch as frequently as you might anticipate.

“I suppose that neither of us really made the best effort we could have. However, nothing specifically caused us to fail. I’d say that for now, we get along well.”

Callum stated once more that they are keeping things “casual,” then continued: “Life is now busy and obviously changes after you leave the villa, but we are still in touch and continue to see each other and whatnot.

“Whatever occurs, occurs. I wouldn’t change a single aspect of my stay at the property.”

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