Who Are Culpo Sisters, and What is their Net Worth?

Who Are Culpo Sisters, and What is their Net Worth? – The Culpo Sisters, which will explore three sisters and the complexities of their lives in Los Angeles, debuted on November 7. Olivia Culpo, a former Miss Universe, and her sisters Aurora and Sophia are the focus of the show. The presentation will also feature appearances from family members and friends in addition to them.

Sophia is the group’s mediator, while Aurora, the oldest of the bunch, assumes the mother’s position. The sisters are very close, although they frequently argue since siblings often do.

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The Culpo Sisters: Who Are They?

Olivia, Sophia, and Aurora Culpo are the Culpo sisters. Olivia was Miss USA and Miss Universe in the past. When she won the Miss Universe title in 2012, she rapidly grew her following on social media. After leaving the Miss Universe pageant, she quickly pursued a career as an “Instagram Influencer.” Due to her rapid ascent to fame as a big influencer, Olivia has worked with well-known fashion and beauty companies, including L’Oreal Paris. She even encouraged her sisters Aurora and Sophia to work in the industry. Sophia, Olivia’s younger sister, has made her social media page a place where she gives food and wellness advice to her fans. Aurora Culpo, the oldest sister, advocates for sustainability.

When the relationship was happy, the reality star told her siblings that she and the man she was dating had decided to allow him to hook up with a complete stranger once a year. When her sisters questioned if she could do the same, she shocked them by replying, “no.”

How Do the Culpo Sisters Make Money?

Olivia Culpo Net worth

What is Olivia Culpo’s Net Worth?

Olivia has a staggering $7M net worth, making her by far the richest of her siblings. The connection with firms like L’Oreal and all of the significant modeling assignments, which include being on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2020, have helped the model and influencer amass an astonishing sum in her bank account. She has appeared in several television series, movies, and music videos for well-known musicians, including Nick Jonas.

What is Sophia Culpo’s Net Worth?

Sophia Culpo, the eldest sister, is up next. Sophia’s net worth is not insignificant despite the apparent economic discrepancy between her and her older sister. The self-described “gut health enthusiast” is thought to be valued between $1 million and $2 million. The precise sum has yet to be discovered. She represents Savage x Fenty, Beauty Counter, and many more products in addition to her own, which accounts for her enormous net worth.

What is Aurora Culpo’s Net Worth?

Not to mention, Aurora Culpo, the oldest sister, has a net worth of $200,000. She filed for divorce from her spouse, Michael Bortone, in April 2022, and their continuing divorce may have an impact on her money account, according to Life&Style magazine. Fans should anticipate that her bank account will likely expand somewhat after the Culpo sisters’ new TLC series premieres.

Stream The Culpo Sisters on TLC.

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