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DON'T LOOK UP Netflix Movie Ending Reviews

The world is ending, yet no one seems to notice. ‘Don’t Look Up,’ a pessimistic but joyful dystopian satirical comedy about all that is wrong with civilization, is a tour-de-force dystopian comedy.

Despite the crass comic ambience and DiCaprio’s self-conscious nervousness, the journey is rib-tickling and compelling.

Because, well, who doesn’t enjoy an apocalypse? Writer-director Adam McKay offers a strange disastrous mess about a calamity.

Kate Dibiasky, a Michigan State alumna, discovers an unnamed comet, which her boss, Dr. Randall Mindy, deduces is a planet-killer.

The only issue is that no one believes them. Will humanity be able to survive? Let’s go through the finale’s unexpected ending one more.



Plot Synopsis for ‘Don’t Look Up’ (2021) Movie

From the Subaru Telescope, stoner and anarchist Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence), a Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State, discovers a comet near our solar system.

She tells her mentor, professor Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio), about her finding, which prompts a celebration.

Mindy calculates the comet’s orbital trajectory (which he names “Dibiasky” after Kate). He phones Dr. Calder, who transmits the call to Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe, the chief of the Planetary Defense Coordination Office because his findings are alarming.

According to orbital estimates, the comet will collide with the Earth in six months and fourteen days.

The comet’s diameter is approximately five to ten kilometres, and the collision could result in the comet’s near-extinction.

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It’s the doomsday clock ticking again. They board a plane to Washington, D.C. Dr. Oglethorpe gulps down a quarter of Xanax while checking the news of Riley Bina and D.J. Chello’s breakup.

Kate steals the rest, and the general returns with expensive meals from the canteen, which Kate later discovers is actually free.

Jason, the President’s associate, expresses regret that the President will be unable to attend the conference, but he arranges for them to stay in a hotel.

The next day, they meet with President Orlean (Meryl Streep), who is uninterested in the computations.

She doesn’t like the sound of 99.78 per cent likelihood of an accident, so she requests them to reduce it to 70%. To be precise, the President instructs them to “sit tight and assess.”

Their storey went viral after Abdul Grelio’s impassioned essay in the ‘New York Herald.’ Everyone is preparing for the end of the world, and the President has authorised a defensive operation.

However, business magnate Isherwell has a nose for cash. The clock is ticking as they aim to commercialise the comet’s minerals.

Does The Comet Hit Earth? ‘Don’t Look Up’ Ending: Does The Comet Hit Earth?

The apocalypse, according to Dr. Randall Mindy’s estimates, is extremely real.

In around six months and fourteen days after its discovery, the comet Dibiasky, named for Kate, will collide with the Pacific near Peru (Six months, ten days, two hours, eleven minutes, and 41 seconds, according to Kate).

When the President seems more preoccupied with the midterm elections than the apocalypse, Kate and Randall visit the morning show The Daily Rip.

Riley Bina‘s public reconciliation with D.J. Chello steals the show there as well, and the scientists only have a brief cameo.

Randall tries to warn the audience, but the anchor seems more concerned about aliens. In any case, they reveal that humanity is in dire danger, but the apocalypse isn’t a popular topic on morning television.

Kate becomes the subject of internet memes after an on-screen outburst. The scientists begin to lose hope, but a presidential scandal helps them regain their footing.

The President devises a spectacular nuclear operation, complete with General Benedict Drask’s heroism, to save her image.

The storey goes viral, and the professor develops a romantic interest in the female reporter, but the missiles are shot down.

The cards are being dealt by media mogul Peter Isherwell. China has a monopoly on most rare minerals used in electronic motherboards (yttrium, terbium, osmium, dysprosium, and so on).

The comet, it seems out, holds 32 trillion dollars worth of these resources, and BASH wants a fair portion.

As a result, Isherwell devises a complex strategy for slicing the asteroid into manageable meteoroids.

The professor inquires as to whether the project has been peer-reviewed, but no one responds. Isherwell is a platinum-level donor with complete administrative access, and he pairs up with Orlean to extract the money from the cosmic object.

The expedition fails when they uncover an explosion in Russia caused by mission debris.

Randall notices the comet in the sky after leaving The Daily Rip enraged. People keep staring at their watches, while the comet gets closer.

When it reaches the earth, humanity is on the verge of extinction, which saves a post-credits sequence.

Don’t Look Up (2021) Movie Official Trailer / Promo

Do Dr. Mindy and June Reconcile Their Differences?

Kate disappears after her first stint at The Daily Rip. Meanwhile, Randall, fueled by the apocalypse’s adrenaline, pursues Brie Evantee, a female reporter from a family of monstrous wealth.

The technology of flash-freezing was invented by her grandfather. She also possesses three master’s degrees, two divorces, and two Monets.

She also claims to have had affairs with two previous presidents.

Randall becomes the face of the F.E.M.A. campaign on the apocalypse, thanks to some help from the media and the President.

In any case, a concerned June Mindy arrives in D.C. to discover Randall with Brie. June throws Randall’s pills at him in the heat of the situation. Randall, as it happens, is dealing with some challenges and requires the use of Xanax and Zoloft.

He also suffers from panic attacks. However, in the face of the presidential administration’s lunacy, Randall comes across as the only sane voice.

DON’T LOOK UP, Meryl Streep as President Janie Orlean. Cr. Niko Tavernise / Netflix © 2021

He, on the other hand, chooses pleasure over pain and deviates from the prescribed path.

Teddy cautions him that a guy always has a choice, even in the midst of his infidelity. Randall, a bookish professor, rises to become one of America’s most attractive scientists, but he is uninterested in the limelight.

He feels that people have a right to know what is going on as an idealist, but he eventually submits. Randall returns to his wife in Michigan after his time with Brie.

June unlocks the door for him, and he also takes Kate and Yule. Randall can’t say enough how much he loves June, and she forgives him.

She rekindles her relationship with Randall. But will they make it?

What Happens to Kate and Dr. Mindy? Do They Pass Away?

Humanity does not become extinct, as the post-credit sequence reveals. The voyagers awaken from cryogenic hibernation as the capsules land on a new planet.

Furthermore, the air on the extraterrestrial world contains 9% more oxygen. But we’re curious about Randall Mindy, Kate, Yule, Teddy, and June.

Randall is offered the chance to board the backup mission with the “adults” by Orlean and Isherwell, but he declines.

Randall, an idealist, would rather die with his family than go on a mission with a small group of elites. As a result, we can suppose Randall, Kate, Yule, Teddy, and others perish as a result of the crash.

As the comet approaches the globe, the gang has dinner at Randall’s place. With some soothing jazz playing in the background, Yule whispers a prayer, and the wall behind Teddy begins to crumble.

This is the moment of reckoning, and the next view shows a planet that has been half-burned.

Does Humanity Have A Future? Is President Orlean Still Alive Or Dead?

BASH capsules arrive on a new planet 22,740 years later in the post-credit sequence. Oxygen is abundant in the vivid and verdant planet.

As a result, humanity will live to see another day. The President, as well as Isherwell, are alive and well in cryogenic chambers, which appear to be a plan B designated for the wealthy.

However, as you may have noticed, the majority of those that emerge from the capsules are elderly, putting a strain on humanity’s ability to survive.

After that, there’s a daring naked dance sequence. While everyone else is having a good time, the President is facing her doom.

The prophecy made by Isherwell’s ultra-intelligent phone A.I. is fulfilled as a Bronteroc chops her skull alive.

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