How Did Michael Hughes Die? Who Killed Him?

Were Michael Hughes Remains Ever Found

How Did Michael Hughes Die? Who Killed Michael Hughes? – The Netflix original film “Girl in the Picture” delves into a complicated case that involved a lengthy investigation. Tonya Hughes, who was discovered on the side of the road in 1990, is where it all starts. She later passed away in a hospital, leaving her son, Michael, and her husband, Clarence Hughes.

Tonya’s death’s circumstances remained a mystery, but new information about her past emerged. The kidnapping of Michael four years later prompted the detectives to learn more about Tonya and Clarence Hughes. Everyone was frightened and shocked by the results. Here is everything you need to know about Michael if you want to know what happened to him.

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who is Michael Hughes

Who Was Michael Hughes and How Did He Die?

On September 12, 1994, Franklin Floyd abducted 6-year-old Michael Hughes and claimed to be his father, despite a blood test earlier that year showing otherwise. Floyd was located two months later, but Michael had vanished. Floyd refused to answer questions regarding the boy’s whereabouts, even after being found guilty of the kidnapping and sentenced to prison.

Michael, according to him, “is put where his dad thinks is in his best interest.” “It’s none of your business where he is, nor do I care how much any of you in Oklahoma miss him or love him,” he said, deflecting the question.

Michael’s disappearance remained a mystery until 2014, when FBI Special Agents Nate Furr and Scott Lobb conducted a lengthy and difficult interview with Floyd. In order to persuade him to confess to what he did with the youngster, Lobb said, “We had to break through that facade, that wall.” Floyd kept avoiding the subject, saying things like, “Michael was married to a federal attorney living in the Kansas City region. Michael was secure while travelling abroad. There were a few other tales that seemed implausible.

But eventually, Floyd lost it. “How did you murder him? I had been questioning him. How did you execute him? How did you murder him? I shot him twice in the back of the head to make it happen quickly, he added simply as he turned to face me. According to Lobb, who spoke to The Oklahoman, he displayed no remorse.

Floyd didn’t realise when he kidnapped Michael that the boy had lived in a secure, loving household for four years and felt scared by being pulled away from that familiarity. Michael was acting like any other 6-year-old. He was out of control, which caused Floyd to lose his cool. Floyd became impatient as a result of the pressure, according to Lobb.

Were Michael Hughes’ Remains Found

Was Michael Hughes’ Body discovered?

Floyd admitted to disposing of Michael’s body close to the Oklahoma-Texas line to FBI officers. His admission was supported by other accounts in which witnesses said they had seen Michael. A thorough search was done in a roughly 2000 square foot space. But they didn’t anticipate finding many of his remains since Michael had been dead for about 20 years.

However, they were still looking for evidence that would support Micahel’s presence. The task may have been accomplished with cartridge casings, the metal eyelets from Michael’s sneakers, or a belt buckle. But nothing of the sort was discovered there.

For Michael’s foster parents, the confession served as closure in and of itself. It seems good to know, Merle Bean, his foster mother, said. Rest certain that Michael is at peace and safe in the arms of Jesus, she said in a letter to The Oklahoman after thanking the agents for their work. He will appear once more.