Is Jocelyn From “The Idol” Based on a Real Pop Star?

Is Jocelyn From The Idol Based on a Real Pop Star

Is Jocelyn Based on a Real Pop Star? – The Idol” is an engaging drama series produced by HBO and written by Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, Reza Fahim, and Sam Levinson, known for their work on Euphoria. The series centres around Jocelyn, an up-and-coming teenage pop star on the brink of stardom. It explores both her emotional and professional trials as she is attracted to Tedros (played by Reza Fahim), a charismatic self-help guru/cult leader. As events unfold, the plot gradually uncovers deeper aspects of music industry culture through Jocelyn’s relationship with Tedros.

Tedros and Jocelyn’s dynamic might make viewers wonder if a real pop star inspires Jocelyn. In this article, we thoroughly examine Jocelyn’s background and character development in “The Idol.” By delving into her experiences and motivations, we aim to provide a complete picture of Jocelyn as portrayed on screen.

Is Jocelyn from ‘The Idol’ is based on a Selena Gomez or Britney Spears?

On May 27th, 2023, TikTok user @natrthehoofguyfan shared a video implying that Selena Gomez was upset with The Weeknd for exploiting her struggles and taking advantage of them for his benefit. Selena has openly spoken about her career’s toll on her mental and physical well-being, as documented in her documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.

In a TikTok video from Cannes, The Weeknd revealed that “The Idol” draws inspiration from his experiences as an artist and those of other male and female artists. This is juxtaposed with a report from Time Magazine about a scene from the pilot episode of “The Idol,” where Jocelyn, the main character, is seen wearing a bracelet from her hospitalization. Her management dismisses it by saying mental illness is “sexy.” This has led fans to speculate about similarities between Jocelyn’s and Selena’s experiences.

The video also notes that “The Idol” begins with Jocelyn cancelling a tour due to concerns about her declining popularity and later returning with an enhanced public persona, mirroring Selena’s struggles after being diagnosed with Lupus in 2016/2017.

Although many believe Jocelyn draws inspiration from Selena, some also think she may be influenced by Britney Spears, who became a pop star at an early age as Selena did. Comments on the TikTok video reference Britney Spears, with one user writing, “If this has any resemblances, it’s Britney Spears.”

Like Jocelyn, Britney Spears found success through her provocative image and intricate choreography. However, as her fame increased, she encountered problems, including substance abuse, unhealthy relationships, and power struggles within her family.

Lily-Rose Depp, who portrays Jocelyn in “The Idol,” noted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the Cannes Film Festival that music wasn’t her main source of motivation. While she respected many modern pop stars like Ariana Grande and Shakira, Lily-Rose found strength from other sources, such as Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct and iconic actresses Gene Tierney and Lauren Bacall, when creating Jocelyn.

By integrating these various elements, “The Idol” creates an engaging narrative that resonates with the experiences of both Selena Gomez and Britney Spears while drawing insight from influential figures within the entertainment industry.

Who Plays Jocelyn in “The Idol”?

Lily-Rose Depp plays the captivating character Jocelyn in “The Idol.” Jocelyn represents an accomplished pop star going through a difficult period in her career and must face challenging circumstances and endure difficulty to succeed.

Lily-Rose Depp is a French-American actress and model born in Paris, France, on May 27, 1999. She is the daughter of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and French actress Vanessa Paradis. Lily-Rose has received widespread acclaim due to both her talent and striking resemblances to both her parents.

Lily-Rose made her acting debut in 2014 with a small role in “Tusk.” However, it was her breakout performance as Isadora Duncan in 2016’s “The Dancer” that truly brought critical acclaim and widespread recognition. She earned a nomination for France’s Cesar Award for Most Promising Actress, an esteemed French film award.

Since 2016, Lily-Rose has appeared in several notable movies, including “Yoga Hosers” (2016), “Planetarium” (2016), and “A Faithful Man” (2018). Additionally, she played Catherine of Valois in the historical drama film “The King,” released exclusively on Netflix this year.

Lily-Rose has also succeeded as a model, working for prominent fashion brands like Chanel as their brand ambassador and walking the runway during their fashion shows. She has become an outstanding figure within the fashion industry as a result.

Lily-Rose Depp is well known for her eclectic fashion choices and unique sense of style, often opting for avant-garde pieces. Additionally, her beauty has earned her praise and graced several fashion magazine covers.

Lily-Rose Depp has established herself as an emerging star within the entertainment industry and continues to explore her acting career and expand her presence. Thanks to her talent, family background, and increasing fame, she is considered an impressive young actress with great promise.

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