Jarret Clark Murder: Where Is Anthony Wallen Today?

Jarret Clark Murder: Where Is Anthony Wallen Now? – When Jarret Clark went missing in May 2006, authorities hoped the case would be resolved quickly. However, his dead body was discovered floating in a neighboring lake days later, suggesting foul play. The documentary “Swamp Murders: What Happened In the Woods” on Investigation Discovery details Jarret’s murder and demonstrates how, despite the fact that the case was unsolved, a tenacious police investigation ultimately revealed a horrific murderous scheme. Let’s investigate the crime’s specifics to learn more, shall we?

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How Did Jarret Clark Die

How Did Jarret Clark Die?

At the time of his passing, Jarret Clark was 18 years old and fresh out of Broken Arrow High School in Oklahoma. He dreamed of enlisting in the military and had big plans for the future. Jarret was a pleasant and outgoing teenager who was always willing to lend a helping hand. He was described as being polite and vivacious. Even now, it is very difficult to comprehend his early demise because both his parents and instructors talked highly of him.

On May 13, 2006, Jarret was looking forward to attending a graduation celebration because he and some other youngsters had made the decision to camp out that night at Wahoo Bay, Oklahoma. It was interesting to see that the acquaintances Jarret chose to camp with weren’t his regular group of friends. Nonetheless, Jarret left his house as planned. He met the gang at the campsite, which included Anthony “Tony” Wallen, Brandon Hargrove, Courtney Manzer, Wayne Humphrey, and Dayna Hargrove, Brandon’s older sister.

The day appeared to be uneventful, but when Jarret did not come home the following day, his family became very concerned. They quickly contacted the police to inform them of his last known location. Without delay, law enforcement agencies set up sizable search groups to scour the surrounding areas. The expectations for the missing teen’s safe return started to fade despite their thorough search efforts because there was no word on him for days.

The worst suspicions were ultimately realized on May 19, 2006, when Jarret’s body was discovered floating in a neighboring pool. It’s interesting to note that he had camping bushes on his body, indicating that he had been dragged. The officials quickly pronounced Jarret Clark deceased. Despite having blunt force damage on his body, Jarret had drowned to death, according to the autopsy.

Who killed Jarret Clark?

The original investigation into Jarret’s murder proceeded somewhat slowly because there were few leads at the location of the crime. The victim’s companions at the campsite asserted that he was involved in a little skirmish, but they also said Jarret was intoxicated. To no avail, investigators combed inside the campsite, checked the surrounding region, and even circled the lake. In addition, even though most of Jarret’s friends were questioned, they could not produce a promising tip, leaving the authorities back at square one.

The case remained unsolved for several years before being revived in 2012 by a newly elected sheriff. As soon as he started looking into the murder, he discovered that Jarret’s ex-girlfriend had received some strange texts on the night of his disappearance that did not appear to have been written by Jarret. Detectives searched the area for any sign of foul activity before Wayne Humphrey admitted to holding Jarret by his arms as Tony Wallen viciously punched and kicked him.

In addition, a witness who was nearby the campsite on May 13 reported hearing irate conversations and possibly saw a truck approach the lake before something splashed into the water. The witness statement and the proof that Jarret was taken from the campsite combined to make a relatively strong case, but another witness’s assertion that Manzer confessed to the murder put an end to the investigation. To quickly apprehend Courtney Manzer, Dayna Hargrove (now Miller), and Anthony Wallen for the crime, the police picked them up.

Where Is Anthony Wallen Now?

Anthony Wallen was first accused of first-degree murder. But in 2016, after being brought before the court, he entered a guilty plea to conspiracy to commit second-degree murder. He was consequently given an eight-year prison term, to be followed by a 12-year release period. Tony is still a resident of Oklahoma, even though his jail records indicate that he is currently on parole and out of custody.

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