Lesa Renee White Murder Case: Where Is William Edward Strand Today?

How Did Lesa Renee White Die

Lesa Renee White Murder: Where Is William Edward Strand Now? – Lesa Renee White, 48, was found shot dead in her house, shocking the locals of Atlantic, Virginia, to their very core. The police soon started looking into a personal connection to the terrible murder, even though the incident at first appeared to be a heist gone awry.

William Strand, a Pocomoke City resident, has been named as the primary suspect in the crime by the authorities. Detectives in Pocomoke City found White’s body inside a house in the 1400 block of Snow Hill Lane on the evening of January 6, 2021.

In Pursuit with John Walsh: Lying in Wait,” an episode on Investigation Discovery, tells the story of the horrific occurrence and the police inquiry that tried to figure out what happened. Let’s investigate the specifics of the crime to learn more, shall we?

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Lesa Renee White Murder

Who Was Lesa Renee White and How Did She Die?

At the time of her murder, Lesa Renee White, 48, was a devoted mother to a beautiful child that she shared with her ex-boyfriend. According to those who knew her, Lesa was a bright, happy lady who loved life and always prioritised her children’s needs. Lesa was also known for speaking her thoughts, and friends remarked on how she never hesitated to provide a helping hand and always greeted people with a smile. Lisa lived a tranquil life and was pleasant, which made her murder even more tragic.

Interestingly, Lesa was last seen alive in the Pocomoke City area in the early hours of January 6, 2021, even though her loved ones reported her missing report on January 4, 2021. However, once she was reported missing, law enforcement officers conducted a protracted search for her and eventually found her inside a house near where she was last seen.

The cops quickly declared Lesa dead since they could tell she had died at first glance. An autopsy later confirmed that the subject was shot to death at close range and that the manner of death was a homicide.

Who Killed Lesa Renee White1
William Edward Strand

Who killed Lesa Renee White and Why?

Due to the lack of any witnesses or leads, the original investigation into Lesa Renee White’s murder took a while. Even after a thorough investigation of the crime scene and a thorough search of the neighbourhood for any leads, the investigators were forced to start over from scratch. However, despite speaking with the victim’s friends and acquaintances for several hours, police enforcement investigators could think of no immediate suspects.

However, due to their inquiry, the police learned that Lesa was a mother and that she and her ex-boyfriend, William Edward Strand, shared a child. Around that time, he was 52 years old and was suspicious because he lived in Pocomoke City. Detectives also discovered a wealth of information demonstrating the tumultuous connection William and Renee had and the frequency of their fights.

In light of the foregoing information, officials identified William as a person of interest and chose to have him come in for interrogation. To everyone’s surprise, the aforementioned man had vanished into thin air and had not been seen or heard from since the day Lesa’s body had been found.

According to a report from 2021, Ronald Snyder with the Maryland State Police said:

It’s very early in the investigation. Our homicide unit is looking into all aspects of this investigation and seeing what connections the victim may have to Mr. Strand or anyone else associated with this case.”

Where Is William Edward Strand Now

William Edward Strand: Where Is He Now?

Unfortunately, William Edward Strand is still evading capture, and it is impossible to know where he is right now. He was initially a person of interest, but the program claimed that he quickly rose to the position of the lead suspect and is currently wanted for Lesa’s murder. According to sources, William was last seen driving a 2014 Silver Chevrolet Malibu.

William Edward Strand was previously thought to have escaped to his brother’s house in Washington state. Police haven’t ruled out the chance that the culprit is still in Pocomoke City or Accomack County, Virginia. Quite intriguingly, reports also state that William is reportedly under suspicion for taking part in a separate attempted murder case.

You can watch “In Pursuit with John Walsh: Lying in Wait,” episode on Investigation Discovery and streamed on Discovery+.

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