Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained
Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Harrow’s men rescue Marc/body Steven from the stinking tomb water in the first season finale of Moon Knight, which Disney+ has strangely refused to name. He’s still alive and well. In Moon Knight Season 1 episode 6, Harrow removes Ammit’s ushabti from the body while leaving the golden scarab behind.

Harrow’s cane gains a +1 to “ominous purple light” and a snapping crocodile head for style points, thanks to Ammit’s ushabti. Layla waits until everyone has left, then swipes the scarab and flees, disguised as one of Harrow’s retinue.

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Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Recap of Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6

An Egyptian border officer stops the group, largely so we can get a sense of Harrow’s advancements. In a burst of purple light, tapping the base of the cane on the ground now lifts the souls from the unworthy. The guards are almost all slaughtered on the spot, and the lone survivor is absorbed into Harrow’s cult.

Layla tries to kill Harrow from behind, but Taweret warns her that Harrow is now too powerful, speaking to her through the corpses. The only way to set Khonshu free is to break his ushabti in the Chamber of the Gods and resurrect Marc/Steven. Taweret also suggests that Layla become her Avatar, but she isn’t thrilled with the notion after witnessing what that duty has done to her husband.

Fortunately, Harrow and his followers are already on their way to the Chamber of the Gods. Harrow can wipe out all of the pantheon’s human avatars with a single tap of his cane. When he breaks Ammit’s ushabti, she appears as a huge CGI crocodile lady who, despite his lack of balance, wants Harrow to be her Avatar.

(Harrow reveals to her that he hoped his penance would balance his scales, but when he realises it hasn’t, he’s perfectly willing to die for the misery he’s already caused and hand up to his purer followers to Ammit, implying that he’s truly devoted to Ammit and isn’t pursuing personal power.)

Layla also releases Khonshu around the same time, and when she refuses to be his Avatar, he faces Ammit and Harrow in his God form.

Marc, despite being offered a personal paradise, refuses to sacrifice Steven, so he returns to the desert sands to save him in a sweet moment. Marc reaches out to Steven’s hand as he begins to freeze over, informing him that he was the only true superpower Marc had ever had.

The Gates of Osiris open as a result, and their light unfreezes Marc and Steven. They make it back to the realm of the living after Taweret buys them time to avoid an impending sand tidal wave. Khonshu, who is fighting Ammit in the Chamber of the Gods, detects Marc’s awakening and returns to his Avatar.

The difference now is that the personalities of Marc and Steven are on an equal footing. This is dealt with extensively in conclusion. Mr. Knight tries to renegotiate the terms of the arrangement with Khonshu; Moon Knight and Mr. Knight switch places on the fly during a confrontation with Harrow and his goons.

The action choreography, which, to be honest, hasn’t been one of the show’s strongest features, shines here. The unexpected synchronicity after weeks of squabbling feels like a good payoff to Marc’s personal turmoil being resolved, and there are some subtle edits and transitions to reinforce the impression.

Because shutting Ammit away in human form takes more than one Godly vessel, we also get to see Layla as the Scarlet Scarab once she decides to become Taweret’s Avatar. Consider the Falcon but with swords, and you’ll get a good notion of what I’m talking about.

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Moon Knight Season 1 episode 6 Ending Explained

Harrow, standing atop the Great Pyramid, imbues all of his disciples with Ammit’s power so that they can begin judging the people of Cairo in the show’s dramatic climax moment. Those who die release their souls into the sky, which Ammit swallows whole, becoming larger with each gulp.

She grows to the size of the Great Pyramid and fights alongside a similarly scaled-up Khonshu, while Layla and Marc/Steven battle Harrow and his henchmen. When Layla saves a busload of civilians, one of them, a small girl, wonders if she’s an Egyptian superhero, it’s a really touching scene. The smile on the kid’s face when she says yes is a reminder of how important representation is, even if it is a little on-the-nose.

The heroes, on the other hand, have a difficult time. Harrow and Ammit have the upper hand, but just when it appears that all hope is lost, a flash occurs, and Harrow is vanquished, and everyone is killed. Marc and Steven are perplexed because neither of them appears to be in command, and Layla is stunned by what has just occurred.

They don’t have time to talk about it because they need to get Harrow’s body inside the Chamber of the Gods so they can cast the spell that would bind Ammit to it. They succeed, but Marc/Steven refuses to murder Harrow/Ammit as instructed by Khonshu. Instead, they want to be freed from their enslavement, which Khonshu reluctantly agrees to. After all, a deal is a deal.

Marc/Steven briefly wakes up in Putnam Medical Facility, but this time they realise it as a trick of the light. They then wake up in Steven’s apartment, which Marc is surprised to discover in such disarray, and fall flat on their faces due to the ankle ties. In more ways than one, we’ve returned to where we started.

Post-Credits Scene from Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6

Harrow is shown as a patient in the Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital in the mandatory post-credits sequence. He’s thrown into the back of a white vehicle with the licence plate SPKTR by a Spanish-speaking man, who wheeled him past the bodies of the facility’s orderlies. Inside, Khonshu tells Harrow that Marc was mistaken in thinking he wanted Layla to be his next Avatar. After all, Marc has no idea how tormented he is, so why would he need anyone else? “Meet my pal, Jake Lockley,” Khonshu says.

Moon Knight’s third personality is a Spanish-speaking driver. He smiles as he kills Harrow and drives away.

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Review

Moon Knight Season 1 episode 6 Review

So, while Moon Knight’s final episode wraps up all of the major plot points, it does so in a rushed manner. We don’t get much of a resolution for Layla, despite her being a major player in the final battle, and Marc/return Steven’s to the real world, so to speak, might have used a little more Marvel-style humour or re-integration, rather than just a fast scene in Steven’s apartment.

The climactic fight, though, is quite good, and there are some nice fight sequences starring Moon Knight, who returns to costume this episode. It was probably inevitable that he would resurrect (the MCU is like Dragon Ball Z in that no one ever remains dead!) Unfortunately, Steven returns to finish off Amit before it’s too late.

Given Amit’s crocodile head (sure, it’s not EXACTLY the same, but it’s near!) there’s a fantastic homage to the whole “later gaters” line here as well. And, given the theme, the resolution for halting Amit is fairly good as well.

Aside from the slightly rushed finish, Moon Knight ends on a high note with an engaging final episode that leaves the door open for a possible second season. It remains to be seen whether this one is renewed or not.

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 is available exclusively on Disney+. What were your thoughts on the Moon Knight’s conclusion? Please let us know in the comments section.

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