Severance Episode 5 ‘The Grim Barbarity of Optics and Design’ Recap & Ending Explained

Severance Episode 5 Recap And Ending

Severance‘ Episode 5 picks up where the thriller series left off, with the main characters finally beginning to understand the riddles that surround them.

In this episode, Mark’s outie recognises he needs to figure out what’s going on at Lumon Industries. Mark’s workie, on the other hand, begins to examine the happenings around him and breaks his ideal employee mould.

Other members of MDR make their own little discoveries elsewhere. Ms. Cobel, on the other hand, has some terrible intentions in store for the MDR team.

Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of Apple TV+ ‘Severance’ episode 5 if you’re curious about the consequences of the MDR team’s activities!


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Severance Episode 5 Recap

Recap of ‘Severance’ Episode 5

‘The Grim Barbarity of Optics and Design,’ the 5th episode, begins with the discovery that Helly survives her suicide attempt after Mark runs into her in the elevator.

Ms. Cobel issues a warning to Mark after learning of Helly’s survival. However, Helly’s outie is adamant about not resigning.

As a result, Helly returns to work once she has recovered from her injuries. Ms. Cobel assigns Ms. Casey to shadow Helly and keep an eye on her at work.

Mark notices that his sister’s due date is approaching outside the Lumon premises. He walks over to Devon and Ricken’s medical cabin.

Mark spends the night with the couple as they prepare for the birth of their child. Mark admits to Devon that he feels something nefarious is going on at Lumon during a conversation.

Irving falls into one of his trances and hallucinates at work once more. He chooses to meet Burt in order to soothe his anxiety. Mark, on the other hand, requests that Irving leave a copy of the map with O&D so that they can locate him if the need arises.

Irving comes upon a painting depicting the O&D crew violently massacring the MDR team while printing the map.

Mr. Milchick, it turns out, planted the photos to prevent Irving from interacting with Burt. Meanwhile, Ms. Cobel assigns Mr. Graner the task of locating Petey’s severance chip hacker.

Ms. Casey is distracted, so Mark takes Helly for a walk. He expresses his regret for Helly’s predicament and shows her Petey’s map. Helly, on the other hand, has no desire to befriend Mark.

On their way back from their walk, the two come upon a peculiar department where a man is caring for young goats. Meanwhile, Irving is in the conference room with Burt, when Dylan interrupts their conversation.

Burt, on the other hand, persuades Dylan that he is not hostile. Finally, Burt takes Irving and Dylan to meet his O&D department colleagues.

Severance Episode 5 Ending Explained

What Is Ms. Cobel’s Plan in ‘Severance Episode 5’?

In the last seconds of the episode, Dylan and Irving discover a replica of the painting that Irving had discovered in the copier.

This painting, on the other hand, depicts the MDR slaughtering the O&D department. Helly and Mark, on the other hand, are perplexed by their discovery of a new department.

They debate whether or not the goats are involved in their work. Ms. Cobel, on the other hand, keeps a close eye on the two and appears happy with their discoveries.

Burt presents Dylan and Irving to his O&D coworkers and refers to them as his pals at the end. The final scene has a dark feel to it, but it also marks the beginning of O&D and MDR’s happy relationship.

For a long time, the two departments have had a mutual distrust. As a result, the unexpected occurrences that lead to cooperation between the two departments are suspect.

Severance Episode 5 Ending

Ms. Cobel explains her new idea to Mr. Milchik earlier in the episode. Ms. Cobel, on the other hand, is evasive and expresses herself through a poem.

Ms. Cobel’s plot is ultimately revealed towards the end of the episode. Ms. Cobel invites Mark and his colleagues to explore the other departments on purpose.

She plans to create an illusion that will persuade Mark and his team of the extent of their freedom on the separated floors. Employees feel empowered and at ease on the severed floor because they are breaking the rules.

They are, however, only pawns in a broader game that they are now ignorant of. As a result, while Mark, Helly, Irving, and Dylan think they’re learning more about Lumon’s secrets, they’re actually sliding further into Lumon’s conspiracy.