The Guardians of Justice Season 1 Recap And Ending Explained

The Guardians of Justice Season 1 Ending

The Guardians of Justice,’ Netflix’s mixed-mode black comic superhero epic, is a sensory assault. ‘Castlevania‘ was created by Adi Shankar, who was influenced by video games and iconic superheroes.

The event also includes a reenactment of an iconic sequence from Georges Méliès’ ‘A Trip to the Moon,’ as well as other casual pop culture references.

At first glance, the series appears to be a normal ‘Justice League‘ satire set in a parallel reality. But, thankfully, the wicked narrative does not take long to spiral out of control.

Since your mind must have blown with the twist ending, you may be wondering what happened in the spectacular and horrific finish. Let’s dig a little deeper.


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The Guardians of Justice Season 1 Ending Explained

The Guardians of Justice Season 1 Recap

In a parallel reality, Hitler survived the Berlin Raid and acquired a mechanical body, dubbed ‘Mecha Hitler.’ In 1947, Mecha Hitler sparked the Third World War, but the arrival of the alien superhero Marvelous Man saved the day.

Caltron, The Marvelous Man, was a refugee after his world was destroyed by the titan Galacron, and he chose to be a good Samaritan for planet Earth.

In the circling Citadel of Justice, Marvelous Man recruited a squad of superheroes and ruled from above. The current storey begins in 1987, when, as they do every year, the world waits to hear Marvelous Man’s statement on his birthday — the day he declared the end of the Third World War.

Van Dawson, the news host, is as excited as the rest of the audience to hear from him.

Marvelous Man, on the other hand, shocks the planet’s residents by filming his life. Except for the “god-killer” bullet manufactured particularly for the purpose by Logan Lockwood and his team, nothing can kill him.

However, it is unknown how Marvelous Man obtained the bullet. Knight Hawk summons all of the other Guardians, including King Tsunami, The Speed, Awesome Man, Blue Scream, Golden Goddess, and Black Bow, after the disaster.

Knight Hawk assigns them to various assignments, but with the death of Marvelous Man, their cohesion appears to have deteriorated.

The Carnegie City Commissioner oversees a clandestine human trafficking ring, but his time has come to an end with the advent of Mr. Smiles. Mr. Smiles is said to work for Knight Hawk, according to the gossip.

Meanwhile, Laura Louis, Marvelous Man’s wife, appears on television and claims that her husband was murdered. Knight Hawk sets out on a mission to unravel the mysteries of the immortal hero’s death.

He takes over the Cortex, a synthetic AI that Marvelous Man wore (similar to Iron Man’s JARVIS), knowing that it may cause neural damage.

Then a fresh truth is revealed. We learn that Marvelous Man was suffering from clinical depression and that he used to see Dr. Ravencroft, a psychiatrist. Dr. Ravencroft is currently planning to publish a sensational book about Marvelous Man, which will violate doctor-patient privilege.

Knight Hawk and his sidekick Little Wing, on the other hand, go to Dr. Ravencroft’s house to persuade him not to publish the book. Mr. Smiles kills Dr. Ravencroft later, and the killer makes it look like a suicide.

A nuclear threat looms large on the planet with the emergence of the terrorist organisation Anubis and due to the eagerness of the Russian leadership. Knight Hawk calls Red Talon, Knight Hawk’s previous sidekick, when Sepia Spider dies.

However, he is currently engaged in combat with a group of Irish insurgents. Red Talon eventually agrees, but not before Van Dawson is killed on his programme by the Anubis. Red Talon dies as well, but Little Wing devastates the Anubis.

With Knight Hawk becoming a tyrant, the planet goes up in flames, and the final few episodes are full of shocks.

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The Guardians of Justice Season 1 Recap

Who Killed Marvelous Man in The Guardians of Justice Season 1? Was Marvelous Man a Gay Or Bisexual?

Marvelous Man’s death appears to be a suicide at first glance, but his wife, Laura Louis, suspects foul play. Marvelous Man’s best buddy and superhero colleague Knight Hawk launches an investigation after the information is made public.

The sixth episode takes a look at the death from the other side of the camera. Laura Louis had a secret affair with King Tsunami, and Marvelous Man was a gay man. Marvelous Man teamed up with Mind Master after forming a bromance with Knight Hawk.

Mind Master adored Marvelous Man with all of his heart, but Marvelous Man was unwilling to end their public marriage.

Marvelous Man, therefore, requested that Mind Master provide the caltronite “god killer” bullet from Lockwood Industries. To steal the ammunition, Mind Master used Motion Blur, Speed’s competitor who also wields the Fast Force.

Mind Master alleges that before Knight Hawk, he attempted to infiltrate Marvelous Man’s mind to prevent him from firing the trigger, but Marvelous Man’s death drive was too strong.

As a result, it’s clear that Marvelous Man committed suicide. Mind Master’s name is Mind Master, and we can’t believe all he says. Mind Master may have supported Marvelous Man in the end because he is the originator and sole owner of the drug Mellow Devil, which is said to abolish “free will.”

The Guardians of Justice Season 2 Plot

Is Speed Alive or Dead?

By the end of the season, Speed appears to be out of breath. Speed publicly opposes Knight Hawk’s totalitarian tendencies and begins a relationship with Awesome Man.

Speed joins the Citadel of Justice for an open clash when Knight Hawk forms his own private army to wage war against the Anubis.

One of Speed’s grounds of contention with Knight Hawk is that he grooms youngsters like Little Wing for violence. However, a major twist in the ending reveals that Awesome Man is actually Little Wing.

In the face of Knight Hawk’s forceful and deceptive attitude, Awesome Man is mentally weaker. As a result, Awesome Man is powerless to resist Knight Hawk’s command to “remove her (Speed) off the board.”

Following his assault on Speed, Awesome Man inquires as to whether he has done good and whether Speed was a morally corrupt individual. Awesome Man is clearly unable of making his own decisions, but Knight Hawk assures him that Speed was a decent man.

They bury her in a suitable location and erect a statue in front of it. Knight Hawk, on the other hand, is haunted by the voice of Speed, even after she has died. Knight Hawk has a cause for amassing an army, but what if it’s a figment of his imagination?

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Who Invented Anubis? Knight Hawk’s Army is Built for a Reason.

The series frequently parallels real-world geopolitical events, although in a satirical manner. Anubis is a terrorist organisation with ties to Russia that is suspected of being responsible for Marvelous Man’s death.

Although the Russian president withdraws his support from Anubis following their awful fate at the hands of Little Wing, the truth cannot be further from the truth. The Anubis took over Van Dawson’s studio to propagate their propaganda, led by the Anubis Queen.

We learn at the end of the mind-bending finale that Knight Hawk is the one who created Anubis. He diverted the attention of the world’s population with a spectacle while assembling an army to fight the actual conflict.

With the support of the government, Knight Hawk forms a private army, and the president’s open crackdown on terrorists earns him four more years in office.

The underlying motive for his journey, however, is a prophecy revealed by Cortex, the AI. Galacron, a giant from the furthest reaches of the universe, is on a mission to eat worlds with intelligent lifeforms.

The titan may choose Earth as his next target, according to Marvelous Man’s father, and Knight Hawk gathers an army to combat the extraterrestrial threat. However, we must consider the possibility that Cortex may be deceiving Knight Hawk into taking such harsh measures.

Speed’s voice shares her reservations in Knight Hawk’s head that the titan will never locate Earth.