The Valet (2022) Movie Ending Explained

The Valet (2022) Movie Ending Explained

The Valet Ending, Explained – When a paparazzi catch a snapshot of Olivia with her married lover, Vincent, she confronts a public relations disaster. Antonio, Olivia’s hardworking valet, is persuaded to pretend as Olivia’s new lover as a cover-up after he mistakenly appears in the same photo.

The Valet is a romantic comedy film that is an English remake of the 2006 French film of the same name (‘La doublure‘). It relates the story of Olivia Allan (Samara Weaving), a movie actress, and Antonio, a parking valet (Eugenio Derbez). Antonio would have remained one of the hundreds of people Olivia encounters every day but never recognises in normal circumstances.

When the paparazzi picture Olivia with her married lover, rich real-estate mogul Vincent Royce (Max Greenfield), she agrees to pretend that she is dating the third person in the photo, who happens to be Antonio. They both open up their horizons to each other as they spend time together. Here’s everything you need to know about Hulu’s ‘The Valet’s’ movie.

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The Valet (2022) Ending Explained

The Valet (2022) Movie Plot Synopsis

Olivia Allan is one of Hollywood’s most well-known actresses. She is now working on a biopic on Amelia Earhart. She is troubled and lonely, despite or perhaps because of her celebrity. Olivia hasn’t spoken to her family in a while, and her only pals are those who work for her. She is having an affair with Vincent, a married man.

Olivia has convinced herself that Vincent will one day abandon his wife, Kathryn, for her. A part of her, though, understands that this will never happen. They have enough power in Vincent’s business between Kathryn and Kathryn’s father to force him out.

Antonio, his brother-in-law Benny (Amaury Nolasco), and their friends work as valets at a high-end Beverly Hills restaurant elsewhere in L.A. Antonio has never had many desires in life. This was later revealed to be one of the reasons his estranged wife Isabel left him.

He lives with his mother Cecilia (Carmen Salinas), and his kid in a modest apartment. Isabel comes up one evening and says she needs money to pay off her obligations. Antonio is still in love with his wife and resolves to find a way to receive the money for her, even though she doesn’t directly ask for it.

Olivia and Antonio cross paths one fateful evening. Olivia tries to flee quickly after a disagreement with Vincent. She hails a cab, but Antonio has an accident just as she is about to board. Vincent has arrived by this time, and the paparazzi picture the three of them together. While Olivia fears a public relations disaster, Vincent is concerned about Kathryn’s reaction.

When Kathryn questions him about it, Vincent reveals that Olivia is present, along with the third person in the shot, Antonio. When Vincent tells his lawyer about it, he proposes that they put it to good use. The lawyer then contacts Antonio, who agrees on one condition: they must pay him the exact amount Isabel requires to repay her obligation.

The Valet Ending

The Valet [2022] Movie Ending Explained

Antonio struggles to adjust to his new surroundings from the start. He is true in his assessment that a universe he had no idea existed has opened up to him. Even more surprised is Antonio’s family. They know Antonio is a kind man and a wonderful parent, but they’re baffled about how he’s managed to attract the attention of a Hollywood star.

Olivia enters a new world as well, one that is filled with kindness and unconditional love. Antonio takes her home after she gets very drunk at a party and lets her sleep in his bed while he sleeps on the chair. Olivia is introduced to her family members the next morning, who warmly welcome her.

Isabel is enraged when she hears that a movie star is interested in her extremely ordinary and laid-back husband, despite the fact that she is dating someone else. It becomes a competition in her head. She kisses Antonio, and he explains why he and Olivia are together to calm her nerves. Isabel, almost predictably, loses interest in Antonio. She informs him that she cannot be with a man who lacks ambition.

Meanwhile, Vincent begins to assume Olivia has slept with Antonio, which is incorrect. The reality is that Antonio and Olivia do not have a romantic or sexual relationship. Olivia discovers the sense of belonging she has been looking for in Antonio and his family.

Natalie is the proprietor of Antonio’s favourite bicycle repair and sales shop. Natalie, like him, is a single parent. Vincent’s firm comes close to stealing her store. However, after his arrest, Kathryn is expected to take over the corporation and cancel Antonio’s gentrification plan. Antonio and Natalie start dating as the movie closes.

Following Cecilia’s death, Antonio’s relationship with Isabel returns to normal. He and Olivia had a falling out earlier. Antonio meets Olivia on the set of her next film in the film’s climactic moment, and the two reconcile. The two of them are bickering in a restaurant in the last scene.

On May 20, “The Valet” will be available exclusively on Hulu.