Toscana (2022) Movie Ending Explained: Does Theo Sell The Estate?

Toscana (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Toscana Ending Explained – Toscana is a film about a Danish guy who returns to his childhood home in order to sell it, but discovers that there is more to life than that. Netflix is presently showing the film.

With subtlety and grace, Mehdi Avazv directed the Danish-English multilingual romantic comedy-drama ‘Toscana.’ Theo Dahl is a household name in Danish cuisine because of his meals that resemble bonsai gardens. His restaurant, though, has suffered a financial setback. Theo travels to his father’s burial after a botched deal with an investor.

While he intends to raise money by selling the estate he inherited from his father, a meeting with Sophia causes him to relive memories. The movie conjures an unadulterated feel-good aura, set against a rich landscape with famous stars and conditioned by a sad tune.

However, you might be curious in what happens in the final moments. In such a case, we’ve got you covered.

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Toscana (2022) Movie Plot Summary

Pino Conti writes a letter to his son Theo after Geo’s death, requesting that he return to Tuscany. Pino, the estate executor, must inform Theo that he has inherited a large estate as well as the Castello Ristonchi. Meanwhile, Michelin-starred chef Theo Dahl, who is facing financial difficulties, prepares “Dove In Nest,” a dish that appears like a work of art.

The dish is prepared by a talented team of chefs for potential investor Jonas Zeuten. Jonas brings Lila along with him to the kitchen to visit the chefs before the meal. However, when they barge into the kitchen in the middle of a meal, an enraged Theo causes an uproar, and Jonas flees.

Shortly after, Theo departs to manage the Castello Ristonchi business, which his accountant Merle views as a good opportunity for Theo to divert his attention from his problems. Meanwhile, she reminds him of his financial predicament. Theo meets waitress Sophia at the estate under adverse circumstances. Theo requests a water bottle, which Sophia delivers, pouring water into an ice-filled glass.

Sophia is irritated and departs when Theo hesitates to drink from it since the ice may be tainted. Vincent comes to Theo to apologise. The credit card then reveals Theo’s identify to Sophia. Theo returns to his father’s house after a meeting with Pino, cleans the kitchen, and prepares a sandwich for himself.

Later, Sophia takes Theo on a trip down memory lane, where he comes across a statue of his father. While Theo believes the etching, “As Extraordinary as Everyone Else,” is disingenuous, Sophia assures him that the sculpture will disintegrate with time. When Theo returns to the kitchen, he finds Vincent and Sophia preparing food for a forthcoming wedding.

On a trip with Vincent, Theo understands that the marriage is between Sophia and Pino Conti. Theo then finds a photo of Sophia in her place and realises she is the same girl he had a crush on as a child. Theo intends to put on a gourmet performance for Sophia’s wedding to highlight the estate’s potential to his buyer after receiving a substantial offer for the land. It adds to the drama when he catches the lovebug.

Does Theo Sell The Estate in ‘Toscana’ Movie?

Theo eventually decides not to sell the estate. Theo is adamant about selling the estate at the start of the film, especially after seeing the financial documents. The Ristonchi Castle, in particular, appears to be in poor condition and needs repair. Theo also knows from Vincent that Sophia spent a significant amount of money refurbishing the mansion.

At a party, Theo meets business billionaire Lucca, whom Pino introduces to each others. Lucca makes Theo an offer of 400 000 euros, but it appears to be too cheap for such a large land. Theo boosts the stakes to $900,000, promising Lucca that he will demonstrate the estate’s potential.

The estate will be turned into a hotel and restaurant by Lucca. Theo decides to cook for Sophia’s wedding in order to capture the grandeur of the setting in front of Lucca. The plot takes a sharp turn when Theo kisses Sophia the night before the wedding. The next morning, Sophia confronts Theo, questioning if he is cooking for Sophia’s wedding or showing Lucca the potential of the location. The latter reason comes to mind for Theo, who is trying to sell the property. Sophia is forced to carry forward with the wedding despite the information.

As a result, Theo and Lucca close the agreement. Back in Denmark, Theo and Merle plan their next business venture. But because Theo appears to be crying, Merle lets him go. When Theo returns to Pino’s place, they argue. After that, he speaks with Lucca and introduces him to Jonas, the prior investor.

While Jonas agrees to give him some credit, Theo prefers to preserve rather than discard his family’s history. Theo and his crew of cooks serve food to guests in the open-air restaurant at Castello Ristonchi in the finale. With the revelation, we get the impression that Theo will not sell the castle.

Will Theo and Sophia Get Married in the ‘Toscana’ Movie?

Theo and Sophia are a dynamic romantic couple, despite their early encounters evoking more tension than love. Theo’s insistence on drinking water from a bottle causes some issues in the restaurant where he meets Sophia. Sophia also does not want him to try the cuisine they are preparing for the “event,” which is similar to Sophia’s wedding.

We gradually understand, however, that Theo and Sophia are a good match because they are both reticent, secretive, and have complementary characteristics. Theo realises how much his father loved and appreciated him because of Sophia’s involvement in the story. Sophia has opposing points of view, and Theo recognises that Sophia’s perspectives on circumstances have some weight.

Theo discovers a photograph of two youngsters holding hands in Sophia’s chamber, which reminds him of a distant past. We witness little Theo shivering after a kiss on the cheek from little Sophia in a flashback, and we get the impression that Sophia was Theo’s childhood crush. Theo musters the strength to kiss Sophia outside her house the night before the wedding as a result of the revelation.

Theo apologises after the kiss, but Sophia appears to share Theo’s feelings as she moves in for another kiss. Theo, on the other hand, avoids human interaction until the morning of Sophia and Pino’s wedding. Theo and Sophia grow concerned when Pino asks Theo to change off his chef’s apron and join them for a few drinks.

As a result, we know that Sophia and Theo will not be together, but there is still a twist in the story. Theo seeks to meet Sophia for the last time at Pino’s residence, only to discover that she has left Pino. The groom is aware of Theo and Sophia’s affair, and their hostility leads to a brawl.

As Sophia approaches the Castello Ristonchi entrance, however, there is a silver lining. She has made the decision to attend university and is seeking for a place to stay in the house. Theo claims he can get Sophia a room, but he avoids kissing her and instead looks at the customers. We don’t think it will derail their growing romance, and it appears that Theo and Sophia will end up together.

What is included within the Statue?

A statue of Theo Dahl’s father, Geo Dahl, stands near the Ristonchi Castle’s entrance. ‘As extraordinary as everyone else,’ the inscription reads. Theo despises the statue because he believes it represents his father’s megalomania. It isn’t very honest, in his opinion, for someone who claims to be the same as everyone else to create a statue of himself.

Theo, on the other hand, is unaware that the engraving refers to the audience rather than the person shown in the sculpture. The figure shows that everyone has the capacity to be extraordinary if they reach their full potential.

Theo destroys the statue on her wedding day after the event with Sophia. He discovers an eggshell-filled section in the sculpture. You might be wondering where the eggshell originates. Some of you may recall that Theo’s favourite memory of Geo is of the two of them making eggs together. According to Theo, his father taught him how to prepare eggs in three different ways: poached, boiled, and scrambled.

Theo spent a year perfecting the cooking of the eggs, and they’ve been perfect ever since. As a result, the eggshells could represent ancestral legacy and memories that people lose as they adopt fast-paced modern lifestyles. Theo makes amends with his father’s statue after the discovery by staring at the sunset together.

Toscana movie is available only on Netflix.

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