Victor Reynolds Murder: Where is Calvin Eldridge Today?

Victor Reynolds Murder

Victor Reynolds Murder: Where is Calvin Eldridge Now? – The Investigation Discovery episode “Fear Thy Neighbor” focuses on real-world incidents where increasing disputes between neighbors frequently result in disastrous outcomes. The most recent episode of the program, titled “A Clockwork Killing,” informs viewers about the problems that exist between Calvin Eldridge and Victor Reynolds. The two neighbours got into a heated argument that persisted until there was a fight. So, keep reading if you’re curious about what happened next between them.

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Victor Reynolds’ Cause of Death

Wisconsin native Victor Reynolds was born in August 1963. He was noted as being soft-spoken, a people person, and a constant source of assistance. Victor had recently moved into an apartment building in Portage, Wisconsin, and was on his own at the time of the occurrence. He and his wife had recently separated, according to the episode. However, the 54-year-old enjoyed fixing things up and acquiring ancient clocks.

On May 7, 2018, the police went to the apartment building after getting many calls about a brawl that was happening inside and reports of gunfire. They arrived there at around 5 o’clock and discovered Victor standing in his apartment doorway. He was still alive at the moment, despite having been shot in the leg. Victor was taken right away to the hospital. The medics initially thought Victor’s gunshot was minor, but the bullet had hit an artery, and the next day he passed away from his wound.

Who Killed Victor Reynolds and Why?

Victor was located on the same level as Calvin Eldridge and his family. According to the show, Calvin had a wife and two children and relied on social security due to health problems. The two originally got along, but things started to go south with time. The fight between them started when Victor used machines inside his home while cranking up the music. Calvin and his family got fed up with it and asked Victor to stop it.

According to the programme, when there was a problem with littering in the apartment complex, Victor allegedly verbally abused Calvin’s two children. Another time, Victor approached Calvin’s children and told them that Calvin had threatened him with a gun. They spent a lot of time at home, and their disagreement worsened. Finally, Victor was charged with threatening to kill Calvin, and it was later discovered during court proceedings.

They were eventually granted the chance to separate themselves by moving to separate apartments due to their growing disagreements. Victor and Calvin, however, remained unmoved. Finally, on May 7, 2018, their long-simmering issues reached a boiling point. Calvin visited Victor’s home that day to request that he turn down the volume. Victor, however, chose not to. Instead, he allegedly heard Calvin slam his door before a fight broke out.

Victor followed Calvin, leading to a fight that saw them punching each other. Later, Calvin said that Victor had put him in a headlock and, in accordance with the performance, had shot him multiple times. Calvin was carrying a rifle and a magazine at the time. Then he thought Victor was going to get the gun. So, Calvin took it instead and beat Victor a few times with a pistol before shooting him in the foot.

What Happened to Calvin Eldridge and Where Is He Now?

On the programme, it was revealed that Calvin was apprehended peacefully at his apartment. He initially faced a severe prison sentence after being accused of second-degree reckless homicide. The prosecution believed, however, that Calvin’s insistence that it was self-defence would sway the jury in a prospective trial. He thus entered a guilty plea to misdemeanour endangerment with the use of a deadly weapon and recklessly endangering safety.

Calvin, who was 49 at the time, was given a nine-month prison term and a four-year probationary period in September 2018. Additionally, he was asked to cover a little under half of Victor’s funeral costs. In the end, Calvin was imprisoned for a total of 13 months before being freed, as depicted in the show.

On the broadcast, he insisted that he had shot Victor for self-defence only and regretted it. Calvin resides in Portage and is still actively under community supervision. However, now that he has spent some much-needed time with his family, he appears to be doing well.

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