What Happened to Jennifer Trayers After Frederick Trayers Was Murdered?

Frederick Trayers Murder case

In December 2010, cops in San Diego, California, made a terrifying discovery at a condo. Frederick Trayers was found dead, while Jennifer Trayers was hurt. Following that, the authorities and Jennifer each had their own account of what happened that night.

Scorned: Love Kills: Naval Affairs,’ a show on Investigation Discovery, presents these two versions of the storey, as well as what happened to Jennifer afterwards.

So, how about we learn a little bit more about this case?

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Frederick Trayers Murder

Frederick Trayers: What Happened to Him And How Did He Die?

Frederick John Trayers III was born in December 1968, and after graduating from high school, he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering.

Following that, he became a Naval aviation officer before enrolling in medical school. Frederick, a doctor at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, specialised in treating battlefield injuries.

The 41-year-old was married to Jennifer for over two decades at the time of the incident.

After Frederick Trayers missed a few shifts at the hospital, investigators raided the Trayers’ home on December 6, 2010.

Jennifer had self-inflicted puncture wounds on her chest, and Frederick was found dead inside.

He was stabbed twice in the chest and eight times in the back, almost instantly killing him. His heart was punctured by one of the chest stab wounds.

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Who Killed Frederick Trayers

Who Was The Killer Of Frederick Trayers?

Jennifer’s injuries were initially treated. The authorities dug into the couple’s past as the investigation progressed, believing Jennifer was the one who killed her husband.

They found out that they had both previously cheated on each other. Frederick, in reality, had been having an affair with Danielle Robins, a doctor he met on the USS Mercy in August 2010.

Dr. Danielle Robbins was 30 when she met and fell in love with Navy Lt. Cmdr. Frederick Trayers, a married ER doctor, while they were both working aboard the USS Mercy in 2010. Although Trayers had been married for nearly 20 years, Robbins continued the relationship.

Danielle’s testimony was vital throughout the trial that followed.

Despite Frederick’s marital status, the Naval doctor reported that they fell in love and continued to date.

They never had intercourse, she alleged. Frederick was considering leaving Jennifer, according to Danielle, because he didn’t think their marriage was working out.

Jennifer mentioned she was pregnant a week before Frederick was murdered, and Danielle chose to call it quits.

Navy Dr. Frederick Trayers was found stabbed to death in his San Diego home. His wife Jennifer was by his side, suffering from self-inflicted wounds.

“He (Frederick) informed her he had planned to leave, but if she wanted him to stay for the baby, he would,” Danielle testified in court.

Danielle also got a multi-page email from Jennifer on the day of the murder. Despite Frederick’s previous adultery, the letter expressed her love for him and stated that she had been there for him throughout their marriage.

In January 2012, Jennifer testified in her own defence. She expressed anxiety and worry in the months leading up to the incident when she accused Frederick of having an affair.

He denied the affair when Jennifer confronted him. In October, she discovered her husband’s communications with another lady with the use of computer tools.


Jennifer allegedly took a knife from the kitchen and asked Frederick how she could kill herself the morning of the event, according to the defence.

Frederick then pulled out his military knife and handed it to Jennifer, according to Jennifer. She slashed into her chest, which sparked a struggle.

Jennifer stabbed Frederick, but after the first one or two stabs, she couldn’t recall much. According to the defence, she had little recollection of the events of the next two days.

What Happened To Jennifer Trayers

What Happened To Jennifer Trayers And Where Is She Now?

Jennifer was convicted of second-degree murder in February 2012, and she was sentenced to life in prison. Frederick was allegedly killed after taking sleep medication, according to the prosecution.

Her attorneys, on the other hand, failed to convince the jury that the crime was committed in a fit of rage. Jennifer, 43, was sentenced to 16 years to life in jail less than a month later.

She is still held at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, Madera County, according to records. In the year 2022, Jennifer will be able to apply for parole.

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