Where and Which Year Does ‘Persuasion’ Take Place?

When and Where Does Persuasion Take Place

Where and What Year Does Netflix’s ‘Persuasion’ Take Place? – The upcoming American drama film Persuasion, based on Jane Austen’s novel of the same name, will be directed by Carrie Cracknell from a script by Ron Bass and Alice Victoria Winslow. Along with Richard E. Grant and Henry Golding, it features Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, Nikki Amuka-Bird, and others.

On July 15, 2022, Netflix will release it.

Carrie Cracknell’s romantic drama movie explores themes of love and heartbreak while providing some moving societal commentary. But, of course, it is only reasonable for spectators to question when and where the story takes place, given the time setting and picturesque settings of the movie. Here is everything you need to know if you’re searching for answers in that regard!

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Which Year Does ‘Persuasion’ Set?

The movie “Persuasion” is based on the same-named book by Jane Austen. Austen’s writings, which were deemed modern for the time period, were primarily influenced by her life experiences. Early in the nineteenth century, Austen penned the tale, which she then published in December 1817. (although the title page says 1818). The year that the story takes place is not stated in the book specifically. However, in the first chapter, Austen identifies Anne Elliot’s age as the main character.

In the same scene, it is revealed that Anne was born in August 1787 in the movie adaption. She is said to have been nineteen years old when she first met Frederick Wentworth and fell in love. The narrative is therefore situated in the nineteenth century. When Anne and Wentworth reconcile, she is 27 years old. Therefore, it is safe to assume that both the novel and the movie are set around the year 1814.

The story thus belongs to the more significant Georgian period, which spanned from 1714 to roughly 1830–37. The discrepancy between social groups that are depicted in the movie is also typical of the time period, which thematically ties the narrative to its historical setting.

Where is “Persuasion” Set?

As was mentioned earlier, “Persuasion” takes place in Georgian-era England. The English setting is clear through the characters’ behaviors, attire, and other elements. Like the movie, Austen’s original book is likewise set in England and makes a few stops along the way. The estate of the Elliot family, Kellynch Hall, serves as the main location. The fictional estate is supposedly located in Somerset County in South West England, according to the book.

Mary, the younger sister of Anne, lives in Uppercross Hall with her husband, Charles Musgrove. The estate is situated in Somerset County as well. In the course of the movie, Anne and her family are compelled to vacate their ancestral home and relocate to a less expensive house in Bath.

The county capital and biggest city in Somerset County is Bath. In both the book and the movie, Anne and her friends visit Lyme Regis in order to meet Wentworth’s Navy acquaintances. West Dorset is where Lyme Regis is situated. In the southwest is the county.

Austen creates a captivating picture of the English countryside in her book as a result. All things considered, Somerset County serves as the primary location for most of the movie. But several scenes are also filmed in Dorset. The feminist, social inequality, and romantic themes of the movie are in keeping with the English setting. Additionally, “Persuasion” has an authentic vibe because it was shot on location in places like Bath, Lyme Regis, and London.

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