Who is Dominic Reddick and Where Is He Now?

Where is Dominic Reddick today

Where is Dominic Reddick Now? Let’s find him. Dominic Reddick has eluded capture and is currently on the run. He travels to Georgia, where he is apprehended by the cops, prompting Reddick to flee into the woods. He finds doughnuts in a dumpster while looking for food. He has no idea that cops are waiting for him inside the shop.

Investigation Discovery
I (Almost) Got Away WIth It: Confessions: Taking Out the Trash
Season 1 Episode 10

Dominic Reddick managed to flee the authorities during an inmate transfer in December 2005, eluding them for almost five days. He was finally apprehended after a two-state search. The second case on Investigation Discovery’sI (Almost) Got Away With It: Confessions: Taking out the Trash‘ explores Dominic’s eventual capture. So, shall we investigate what transpired?

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Dominic Reddick

Dominic Reddick, who is he?

Dominic and a few other inmates were relocated from Central Florida to Alachua County, Florida on December 5, 2005. He was being jailed on accusations of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon and aggravated battery with a handgun at the time. Dominic, who was 22 at the time, was also charged with attempting to murder a police officer. He fired a shot at an officer, but the gun did not go off.

The vehicle broke down in Sumter County, Florida, during the voyage owing to a mechanical issue. As a result, the inmates exited the van. To make getting in and out of the van simpler, the leg shackles were removed at the time. Dominic had been moaning about his cuffs hurting him, so he got away from the authorities later that day.

The authorities launched a large hunt for him, but Dominic stayed in swampy regions before heading to his brother’s residence in Jacksonville, Florida, according to the show. Dominic was then driven to someone else’s home in Savannah, Georgia, by his brother.

Authorities finally learnt of this and launched a search operation in Savannah. Dominic was ultimately apprehended five days later when a woman observed him emerge from the woods at the back of a convenience store.

When Dominic emerged from the woods, the woman was sitting in her car in the store’s parking lot. He was hungry after not eating for more than two days and had seen someone dump stale donuts into the trash, which he intended to pick up. Authorities were using the store as a makeshift command centre to organise the search at the time. Dominic was apprehended in the woods minutes after the woman called the cops.

Dominic Reddick

What happened to Dominic Reddick and Where Is He Now?

Dominic was treated for pneumonia and dehydration after spending so much time in the cold and wet areas following his arrest. He had also received several wounds and bruises. Dominic’s attempted murder allegation was lowered to possession of a pistol by a convicted felon and resisting and eluding a law enforcement officer with violence, according to the show.

He was also found guilty of a slew of other counts, and he was sentenced to life in prison after being labelled a chronic offender. Dominic is still detained at the Avon Park Correctional Institution in Florida, according to records.

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