Bobby Kent Murder: Where is Killer Alice Willis Now?

Where is Bobby Kent’s Killer Alice Willis Now

Where is Bobby Kent’s Killer Alice Willis Now? – Bobby Kent went out that night in July 1993 with his friends, thinking it would be a good time. However, things quickly turned gloomy because his companions had planned to murder him that evening. “People Magazine Presents: Crimes of the 90s 1993: Murder Pact” on Investigation Discovery tells the tragic tale of Bobby’s murder and how his ex-girlfriend, Alice Willis, was involved in the plot. Consequently, let’s learn more about her now, shall we?

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Bobby Kent’s Killer Alice Willis

Alice Willis, Who is She?

Shortly before the incident, Alice was introduced to Bobby by her friend Lisa Connelly. Lisa’s boyfriend at the time, Martin Puccio, and Bobby were close friends. The two got along right away, and Alice said on the broadcast that he appeared to be a gentleman. However, after that, things grew worse. Alice was allegedly a member of a sex workers’ ring at the time. She stated on the broadcast that she did it to startle people and stand out from the crowd.

Alice and Bobby’s romance quickly became perilous. She claimed that Bobby would beat her if she stopped watching homosexual porn while physically abusing her. She had also alleged that Bobby had sexually assaulted her, which sparked a discussion among the others concerning his actions. The strategy to murder Bobby was ultimately developed by Alice, Lisa, and the others.

Alice later asserted, meanwhile, that she had simply arrived at the construction site to see a fight. “I got beat by that dude,” she continued (Bobby). So, yes, I wanted to witness his beating. Moreover, I wanted him to experience it with me. Alice also remembered precisely what happened after that. “I remember standing there, and I seen Marty go like this. To me, it looked like he hauled off and hit him. I’ll never forget the look on his face when this happened. I looked down, and there was blood everywhere … and he was holding his stomach … and I just froze,” she recalled.

Bobby’s mother believed Alice was the mastermind, but the subsequent trials revealed Lisa and Martin were responsible. Alice said, “It was terror, but it was almost like being in a trance,” when asked why she didn’t halt what was happening. Depending on their level of involvement, the seven friends—including Alice—were ultimately given various sentences.

Bobby Kent’s Killer Alice Willis

What Happened to Alice Willis and Where Is She Now?

After being ultimately found guilty of second-degree murder and conspiracy to murder, Alice was sentenced to a more severe term. She was given a 40-year prison sentence in May 1995, followed by 40 years of probation when she was 19 years old. However, after an appeal, Alice’s sentence was lowered to 17 years, eight of which she served. She subsequently admitted that she did think I should have received some prison time.

 “I do agree with that totally, but I don’t believe I got off easy. It was a big deal, but I didn’t kill him … I honestly didn’t believe that he would end up dead. How can you feel remorse for something you didn’t do?” She also said.

She had a legal run-in when she was charged with retail theft in 2013. However, it appears that Alice has avoided problems ever since. She earned her high school graduation while incarcerated, and as of 2013, she and her husband were living in Melbourne, Florida, where she was a stay-at-home mother to four kids.

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