Kelly Brennan Murder: Where is Killer Sheila Graham-Trott Now?

Where is Killer Sheila Graham-Trott Now

Where is Kelly Brennan’s Killer Sheila Graham-Trott Today? – Sheila Graham-Trott, 48, was detained in February 2010 for killing her friend Kelly Brennan in the first degree. Kelly Brennan’s body was found where Sheila Trott said she had dreamed it. Sheila is taken into custody on murder charges less than two days after Kelly vanished. Sheila had deceived Kelly by starting a relationship with her ex-husband, former mayor of Indialantic Dan Trott, after the two had broken up. 

Deadly Sins: No Forgiveness: Cheating Death episode on Investigation Discovery’s second half focuses on the notorious murder of Kelly Brennan in February 2010. We’ve got you covered if you’re curious about the specifics of what occurred and the current location of Sheila Graham-Trott.

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Who is Sheila Graham-Trott
Dan and Sheila Trott

Who is Sheila Graham-Trott And How Did She Kill Kelly Brennan?

Sheila Graham-Trott, who is originally from Ontario, Canada, moved to Florida to attend college and work as a diving instructor because she is passionate about the ocean. She eventually met Daniel Trott, and the two quickly fell in love before getting married in August 1989. Sheila once took on three jobs to assist Daniel in paying for pilot school. Daniel eventually became a pilot, and Sheila found employment as a real estate agent.

Creighton and Graham, the couple’s two kids, were 18 and 16 years old at the time of the occurrence. After Daniel was chosen as the mayor of Indialantic, Florida, in 2002, Sheila and Daniel rose to prominence. But over time, Sheila alleged that Daniel started having several affairs, and the two began to drift apart. The mother of two claimed she would notice him not wearing the wedding band, but Sheila claimed Daniel would “swear and scream” at her when she inquired about what was happening. Sheila decided she wanted a divorce by January 2009.

Sheila met Kelly Brennan, who she had known for a long time, at that point. Kelly has also been having relationship issues because of the dissolution of her six-year marriage to Gino Rallo. Daniel eventually left the house and joined the bike club Kelly was a member of. The two started dating shortly after that. Sheila said that Dan and Kelly were both lying to everyone, claiming that they weren’t having an affair. And while all this was happening, Dan and I were fighting because he was acting so aggressively.

On the evening of February 15, 2010, Kelly, then 46, neglected to show up for a scheduled appointment with her personal trainer. Sheila arrived home after a four-hour trip to Walmart that evening at around 10 or 10:30 pm, and according to her sons, she seemed lightheaded and eventually experienced a seizure.

Sheila suddenly mentioned a nightmare she had about Kelly and claimed to have wounded her. The sons called their grandmother as soon as possible, and she immediately dialled 911 to report that her daughter was having a nervous breakdown and had discussed killing Killy.

Sheila also brought up Marks Landing, a place on the Florida coast. After driving her mother to the scene, the sons claimed they discovered a dead body there. Then they drove to a deserted lot and discovered a bag. Later, in the same location, the police discovered Kelly’s body; she had been bludgeoned to death. The sons said that Kelly’s wallet and license were in the purse. Sheila, however, insisted that she did not harm her friend and that it was just a dream.

However, the authorities weren’t really sure. They decided to interrogate Sheila because they believed she was envious of Kelly’s relationship with her husband. The prosecution conjectured that Sheila waited for Kelly to leave her home before hammering her in the back. She then drove the body to the coast, dumped it there, and drove away with the automobile. But there was no direct physical proof linking Sheila to the crime. Blood was the only thing the detectives could find on Kelly’s car’s passenger side.

Where is Sheila Graham-Trott Today
Sheila was then given a life sentence.

What Happened to Sheila Graham-Trott and Where Is She Now?

Later, Sheila Graham-Trott revised her account, saying that the vision was really a memory of seeing Kelly being killed by an unknown individual. Weirdly, she also said that she had followed him to the landfill. At her trial, the defence attempted to blame Kelly’s husband, Gino, claiming that he had previously attacked Daniel and Kelly after becoming aware of the liaison. But he had a defence.

Sheila was found guilty of first-degree murder in September 2014 by a jury. They accepted the prosecution’s account of how she murdered Kelly out of resentment. Sheila was then given a life sentence. She subsequently admitted that, “I have to live with a lotta guilt for not stopping the attack. And now I’m paying the price. Kelly’s family has closure, but they don’t have justice, ’cause I didn’t kill Kelly.” 

Although Kelly’s family has found closure, they are still without justice because I did not kill Kelly. According to prison records, Sheila, now 56, is still a prisoner at Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, Florida.

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