Where is Nathaniel Rowland Now After the Murder of Samantha Josephson?

Where is Nathaniel Rowland Now After the Murder of Samantha Josephson?

A college girl had been out with her buddies in Columbia’s Five Point Entertainment neighborhood in South Carolina in March 2019 which came to an abrupt end when she boarded what she rides to her Uber taxi.

The young woman’s name is Samantha Josephson‘was discovered dead many kilometers from where she was last seen hours later. The documentary “See No Evil: Rideshare Nightmare” on Investigation Discovery details how the police used security camera footage and other proof to identify and apprehend Samantha’s killer. Let’s, therefore, learn more about what transpired at that time.

What happened to Samantha Josephson?

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In August 1997, Seymour and Marci Josephson welcomed a daughter into the world in Princeton, New Jersey. The young and aspirational woman was a political science major in her senior year at the University of South Carolina. She was a few weeks away from graduating at the time of the incident. After graduating, Samantha intended to enroll at the Thomas R. Kline School of Law at Drexel University in Philadelphia.  She received full scholarships to Drexel University and partial scholarships to Rutgers, and her career goal was to practice international law. A beautiful 21-year-tragic old’s death occurred just as things were beginning to go well for her. After a night out with friends in Columbia, South Carolina, Samantha asked for an Uber at around two in the morning on March 29, 2019. Her impending graduation was being celebrated by the group. Samantha, however, lost contact with her pals and made the decision to return home. But about 14 hours later, turkey hunters in a field off a gravel road about 90 miles from Columbia discovered her dead. On Samantha’s face, head, neck, upper body, leg, and foot, there were 120 knife wounds. She lost so much blood, that there was hardly any left in her body.

Who was Samantha Josephson’s killer?

The first sign of concern for Samantha’s roommates was their inability to contact her the next morning. On March 29, 2019, during the afternoon, they decided it was best to contact the police and report her missing. Later, her boyfriend Greg Corbishley said he spoke to her the night before she vanished and followed her to make sure she arrived home. But he said Samantha’s phone went dead in Rosewood, South Carolina. He imagined she had left her phone in the cab at the time.

Where is Nathaniel Rowland Now After the Murder of Samantha Josephson?

After Samantha was reported missing, her remains were discovered in Clarendon County, South Carolina, after a short period of time. She was observed waiting for a cab in surveillance footage from the area where she was last seen. Samantha moved in the direction of the black car that had just parked itself. She was seen in the video getting into the vehicle she believed to be her Uber taxi. But it ended up being her murderer. Later, the genuine Uber driver admitted that he had waited for Samantha but she had not arrived. The police then started looking for the vehicle that was seen on the security camera. A comparable car was discovered on March 30, 2019, a few blocks from Samantha’s last known location. The car had stopped, but the driver had exited and was running.

Where is Nathaniel Rowland Now After the Murder of Samantha Josephson?

Upon being apprehended, Nathaniel Rowland, who was 24 at the time, was searched for evidence in the car. Samantha’s blood and her footprint were discovered by the detectives on his car’s back window. The kid lock was also engaged, making it challenging for someone to enter the door from within. A double-bladed knife was also discovered by the police in the trash outside his girlfriend’s house, along with cleaning materials in the car. Then, some Nathaniel-owned clothes were discovered to contain Samantha’s blood. He was in the vicinity of the body, according to his mobile phone records, and Samantha’s cellphone was located in his vehicle. On March 29, 2019, Nathaniel attempted to sell the business owner a phone, according to testimony given afterward. Additionally, phone data revealed that Samantha and Nathaniel were using their phones simultaneously in the automobile. State politicians in South Carolina were moved to action by her tragedy, and shortly after she was killed, they approved a law requiring all ride-share vehicles to show an illuminated sign with the name of their firm. After that, the bill was signed into law. Following Josephson’s passing, the ride-share business has also made adjustments, such as making license plate displays more visible.

Today, where is Nathaniel Rowland?

Nathaniel Rowland

Nathaniel was also linked to a different crime throughout the inquiry, trading off stolen goods in October 2018. Authorities claim that two individuals carjacked a woman and stole money and other goods from her home. Then Nathaniel sold some of those things. The prosecution’s witness stated that Samantha’s DNA matched Nathaniel’s under his fingernails at his trial in 2021. The defense, however, argued that there was no assurance that his DNA was present on the knife.  On July 27, the jury found Rowland responsible for the kidnapping and death of Josephson, and the court gave him a life sentence.