Where is Serial Rapist James Bergstrom Today? Is He Alive?

where is Serial Rapist James Bergstrom now

Where is Serial Rapist James Bergstrom Now? – The documentary “Evil Lives Here: He Tied Me Up, Too” on Investigation Discovery explores the series of sex crimes that James Bergstrom committed everywhere he went. The focus of the show is on James’ motivations and when he started acting on them.

He was ultimately apprehended and prosecuted, but not before he terrified women and areas for years. So, if you’re interested in learning what has happened to him since then, look no further.

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Serial Rapist James Bergstrom

James Bergstrom, Who is He?

Before James entered the Navy in Washington, he was married to Linda Bergstrom. He was a submarine sailor at the time. In Washington, where James and Linda lived, there were growing reports of a peeping tom in Silverdale and later East Bremerton. Women would complain to the police that someone would peer in their windows from the outside. The situation appeared to be fine, but it wouldn’t last forever.

James virtually always went running, as Linda said on the programme. Later, she thought that her ex-husband was going out to look for victims. Linda once thought she caught him looking through someone’s window, but he denied it, and she wasn’t certain enough to go into it further. As a result of the authorities’ stationing officers in plain clothes on the street, this string of crimes eventually reached the level of rape at gunpoint.

James was once detained, but due to a lack of available evidence, he was freed. The couple eventually relocated to Houston, Texas, where they made their home. James’ actions during his stay there only got worse, resulting in several rapes and assaults on local women who weren’t expecting it. According to the programme, James was finally detained after assaulting a 15-year-old girl. She retaliated and eventually recognised him as the attacker.

James is still detained at the Mark W. Stiles Unit in Beaumont, Texas. He is currently around 59 years old and expected release date is 2091.

Where Happened to James Bergstrom and Where Is He Now?

James admitted to the assaults and rapes after being taken into jail and claimed that his impulses began with wanting to see through windows at ladies as they undressed. He then felt compelled to enter the homes and attack the occupants. According to the episode, James would enter the house under the pretence of testing the water, open a window, and then leave.

James also allegedly apologised to the women for attacking them and promised to ask them to keep their windows and doors locked to avoid a repeat of this incident. In the end, he acknowledged to attacking roughly 35 women over the course of two years and raping five of them. He typically wore a ski mask. James was given 99 years in prison for each of the four sexual assaults he was found guilty of in 1992.

He was also found guilty of burglary and attempted sexual assault; he was given a total sentence of 30 years for both offences. According to prison records, James is still detained at the Mark W. Stiles Unit in Beaumont, Texas. His expected release date is 2091; he is currently around 59 years old.

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