ID’s ‘Evil Lives Here’ 13×03 – Justin Kiernan Murder: Where is Tyler Borg Today?

Justin Adrian Kiernan Murder

Justin Adrian Kiernan Murder: Where is Tyler Borg Now? – The Investigation Discovery’s show ‘Evil Lives Here’ Season 13 Episode 3, “Scratch My Murderous Itch,” investigates the violent December 2018 murder of Justin Adrian Kiernan in San Bernardino, California. On the broadcast, the murderer’s father revealed his son’s rough upbringing and early manifestations of wickedness. This episode provides insight into the young killer’s perverted mindset. But who or what was ultimately responsible for Justin Adrian Kiernan’s demise? I propose that we explore the matter.

Official Synopsis:

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Evil Lives Here’ Season 13 Episode 3, “Scratch My Murderous Itch”

Eugene Borg knows that Satan has evil plans for his young son Tyler Borg and spends the subsequent years battling the demons he believes plague his child; a shock comes that proves he may have forever lost the war for his son’s soul.”

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Who is Tyler Borg
Tyler Borg

Who is Tyler Borg? 

Tyler Catlin Borg, the son of Eugene Borg, was born in Fontana, California, in 1986. Eugene stated on the broadcast that Tyler had been a naughty child for as long as he could recall. Eugene, a devoted Christian, acknowledged that he recognized undesirable traits in his son Tyler Borg, but he had faith in Tyler Borg’s capacity to overcome them. The unfortunate old father recounted a sequence of family-causing incidents from Tyler Borg’s early boyhood that he had initially discounted as the result of his son’s imagined mischief.

Eugene recalled a day when he was caring for his son at home while his ex-wife was gone. He was working at his desk when he heard a loud crash and sprang to his feet, only to see that the kitchen was a mess. Tyler Borg knocked over the table, poured food on his toys, and began to doodle on them. Tyler Borg had killed one of the fish in Eugene’s aquarium by pouring milk into it. Despite Eugene’s repeated appeals that his son quit being so cruel, he returned from work one day to discover that his son had cooked the other tank fish.

Eugene claimed in a second distressing episode that he once discovered his little son in the backyard, foam dripping from his mouth as he cursed Jesus. Despite apologizing to Tyler Borg on a personal level, Eugene felt uneasy about the episode, despite being happy to learn that Tyler Borg never uttered those words again. As Tyler Borg hit adolescence, however, he became overly defiant and challenged Eugene’s parental authority.

His father described the numerous violent occurrences during his son’s upbringing, such as when he threatened his older sister’s boyfriend with a cleaver and Eugene attempted to pull Tyler Borg and his family to church on Sundays. Concerned about Tyer’s repeated absences from school, his parents consulted psychiatrists and friends, who all suggested that they drench him with ice water to motivate him to get ready for class.

The show revealed that Tyler Borg tossed a pocket knife at Eugene after Eugene splashed water on him one morning for missing school. Even though the blade missed Eugene and struck the wall instead, the father felt forced out of an abundance of caution to call the police. Regardless of the circumstances, Tyler Borg was intelligent enough to flee before the police arrived, and he returned home safely that evening. Since he could not stop his kid’s irresponsible behavior, Eugene could only observe and hope that his son would learn responsibility due to his wayward childhood.

How Did Justin Adrian Kiernan Die

How Did Tyler Borg Kill Justin Adrian Kiernan?

Tyler Borg’s defiance grew increasingly serious over time, compelling Eugene to imprison him regularly. Eugene and his first wife received threatening messages, and Eugene had written a frightening poem to his ex-girlfriend while she was still a teenager, mocking his father about placing a weapon in the house to kill him. When Tyler Borg enlisted in the military at the age of 18, Eugene was relieved. No amount of counseling or visits to a mental health center had been effective.

Eugene reports that Tyler Borg’s personality changed drastically after his military service. However, he rapidly realized that his son’s “evil side” had not been fully exorcised. In 2010, he observed Tyler Borg and his pals severely attack the boyfriend of Tyler Borg’s sister, a traumatic moment in his life. When Eugene attempted to enter, Tyler Borg pushed him against the wall and violently punched the wall to frighten him away.

Eugene expressed hope that his son had changed after learning of Tyler Borg’s marriage to Caroline on July 4, 2015, and his subsequent departure from the family home. According to Tyler Borg, Caroline was the “love of his life,” and their meeting was the defining moment of his life. A lucrative position with a computer company represented his accomplishment. According to court documents, the marriage was tumultuous, and Caroline’s decision in December 2018 to contact her ex-boyfriend, Justin Adrian Kiernan of San Bernardino, was evidence of this.

Concerned about her wife’s location, Tyler Borg constantly questioned Caroline about her whereabouts. According to court documents, C.M. and Justin Adrian Kiernan continued to exchange text messages. They began sending sexually explicit text messages. On December 22, 2018, Tyler Borg discovered the texts and emails and promptly confiscated Caroline’s phone. After supposedly splitting up with Caroline, he continued to use Caroline’s phone to connect with Justin Kiernan, then 31 years old.

During dinner, Tyler Borg informed Justin Kiernan that Caroline had asked him to meet her near her parent’s property on the 7800 block of Virtue Vista Drive, close to the intersection with Paisano Way. When Justin Kiernan’s blue Kia vehicle pulled up, he instantly drew his 9mm semiautomatic pistol and fired five shots. Justin Kiernan was shot twice, once in the upper back and once in the back of the head, according to the police report. Despite being transported to Riverside Community Hospital, he succumbed to his injuries.

Where is Tyler Borg Now

Where is Tyler Borg Today?

Tyler Borg was quickly responded to by Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies, who witnesses informed of the incident. The cops traced him down to Hemet a few hours after the shooting and detained him without additional difficulty. The court convicted him guilty of murder in the first degree and ordered that he be imprisoned without bail.

The prosecution asserts that the defendant and his wife (only identified in court documents as “C.M.”) experienced marital troubles throughout their three years of marriage.

According to court documents submitted by Deputy District Attorney Jason Armand, C.M. contacted Kiernan in December 2018 and requested a meeting at the San Manuel Baseball Stadium, where the latter works.

The victim and C.M., who haven’t seen each other since she ended their relationship to marry Borg, apparently expressed a desire to reunite just before they ended their relationship.

Borg believed his wife had been out all day and confronted her upon her return. The prosecutor stated that after she claimed to have been at a shopping centre, the defendant “told her he knew she was lying to him because he had installed a GPS tracker on her vehicle.”

There was an altercation between the defendant and his wife, but she claimed she had done nothing wrong; thus the case was dismissed.

Simultaneously, “C.M. and Justin Kiernan continued to exchange text messages,” according to the summary. Suddenly, the texts took on a more sexual tone. CM emailed Justin Kiernan several raunchy photographs of herself. After eventually meeting, Justin Kiernan and CM agreed that they should have bypassed small talk and gone directly to bed.

Prosecutors believe the couple planned a liaison and that on December 22, 2018, Borg grabbed his wife’s phone and perused her texts until he located the one between his wife and the accused victim.

According to Armand, the defendant “told C.M. that their marriage was finished and that he would take her to her parent’s house in Jurupa Valley.”

He was convicted on counts involving lying in wait, as well as the more serious claims of using a firearm and causing severe bodily harm. In September 2021, Tyler Borg’s life sentence will commence without the possibility of release. The 36-year-old is currently being imprisoned in the maximum security portion of the Ironwood State Prison in Blythe, California, according to court records.

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