Why did Johnny Manziel Hit Colleen Crowley?

Johnny Manziel and Colleen Crowley Fight – Untold: Johnny Football,” available on Netflix, offers viewers an unparalleled look into the complex and controversial life of former football player Johnathan “Johnny” Manziel. It explores his professional successes and personal issues, including substance abuse, mental well-being problems, assault claims, and a suicide attempt. This comprehensive portrait provides audiences with an accurate depiction of the person behind his public persona.

Specifically, this documentary covers Colleen Crowley’s involvement in domestic abuse allegations against Manziel between 2015 and 2016. It offers insights into these troubling incidents and provides greater context to paint a clearer picture of this aspect of his life.

“Untold: Johnny Football” provides viewers with an in-depth account of Johnny Football’s life, both his achievements and challenges, through an intimate documentary experience. It takes them through the ups and downs, revealing a compelling individual who offers new insight into the layers that make up his story.

What Happened Between Johnny Manziel and Colleen Crowley

Why Did Johnny Manziel Threaten to Kill Colleen Crowley?

Johnny Manziel and Colleen Crowley first met in the early summer of 2014, marking the beginning of their contentious relationship. Despite Manziel’s penchant for excessive drinking and revelry, they quickly developed a deep affection for each other, despite coming from different geographical backgrounds (Manziel from Kerrville and Crowley from Houston, attending Texas Christian University). Over 14 months passed with no signs of unfaithfulness on either part until it surfaced during the fall semester of 2015.

Tragically, an alarming incident unfolded during a heated argument as Colleen, and Chris drove on Interstate 90 near Avon, Ohio. Colleen witnessed physical abuse but refrained from filing charges due to her protective instincts clouding her judgment. Unbeknownst to her then, this marked only the start of an abusive cycle that would continue for three months until January 2016.

Colleen eventually decided to end the relationship, only to receive an invitation from Johnny to join him at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas for a late-night gathering. When attending with friends, Johnny prevented them from leaving as the evening concluded, forcibly placing them into his car and driving them toward a bar where their vehicle was parked.

Feeling cornered, Colleen took drastic action by leaping from her moving car, only to be forcefully pulled back by her hair. In a harrowing turn of events, she described being struck by an open-handed blow to her left ear, leaving it deaf for several months. However, her focus remained on Johnny’s odd driving behaviour, including laughing and sobbing together while driving, causing immense fear.

As 5 pm passed without resolving their dispute, tensions rapidly escalated. Finally, it came to a head when Johnny discovered Colleen had attempted to contact her parents, prompting an explosive outburst. Colleen reached for a knife as Johnny attacked her. Fearing for her safety, Colleen called 911 in distress before reaching for a knife herself and making distress calls to authorities. This incident resulted in significant repercussions for both parties, including two-year restraining orders and charges of misdemeanour assault against Johnny. These charges were eventually dismissed after completing anger management classes and participating in a league substance addiction program.

Colleen stood by Johnny throughout their turbulent journey, supporting him during treatment in 2015. However, her efforts proved futile as Johnny continued down a downward spiral, exacerbated by an Ohio incident in 2016. Colleen, often misconstrued as a partygoer, clarified this by relaying her difficulties in avoiding Johnny’s angry outbursts, often retreating into smaller spaces when threatened.

Over time, Johnny and Colleen moved in different directions for brighter futures. Their story illustrates the complexity of relationships, the impact of toxic dynamics, and the importance of recognizing and responding appropriately to abusive behaviour.

Where is Johnny Manziel Now?

Johnny eventually realized the futility of his plan and sought support, ultimately returning to football in 2018. After joining the Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League, he was quickly traded to the Alouettes within that season. However, contract disputes prevented him from playing due to ineligibility issues. Johnny then utilized his Alliance of American Football League skills with the Memphis Express before transitioning into the Fan Controlled Football League with the Zappers in 2020. While football remains a primary priority, Johnny noted that mental wellness and personal development had become much more important to him over time.

Johnny resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, with a more relaxed outlook, prioritizing his mental health above all else. Johnny was honoured with induction into the Texas A&M Athletics Hall of Fame in 2022, further attesting to his lasting legacy. Beyond sports, he can host the Balls Don’t Lie podcast series, participate in golf as part of the Cactus Hack company partnership, and explore its offerings, showcasing his wide-ranging interests.

Johnny Manziel has added another dimension to his story, as he is currently in a romantic relationship with Kenzie Werner, a model and microblading artist. Their relationship adds another layer to Johnny’s journey of personal growth and self-discovery; their bond provides companionship as they travel along this path together. As Johnny navigates life after football, his diverse pursuits and care for his well-being demonstrate his effort to forge a meaningful path forward.

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