ID’s ‘Still a Mystery’ 5×06 “What the Trees Know” – Benjamin Anderson Death

Benjamin Anderson Death – Investigation Discovery’s true-crime TV series “Still a Mystery” explores unsolved cases and mysteries. Each episode examines an unresolved case ranging from missing persons to unnatural deaths to shed light on what may have transpired.

What the Trees Know,” an episode of true Crime Story, investigates the death of Benjamin “Ben” James Anderson, an executive concierge manager in Phoenix, Arizona, who disappeared in December 2021; later, his body was discovered as part of an arson attack a few days later. Authorities identified his remains, but it took several days before they could confirm they belonged to Benjamin; therefore, this episode attempts to uncover the details surrounding Benjamin’s demise to uncover truthful answers for readers interested in learning more about it. Read further if interested!

How Did Benjamin Anderson Die

Benjamin Anderson Death: Who Killed Him?

Benjamin “Ben” James Anderson was born September 17, 1980, in Bismarck, North Dakota. Growing up in Glendale, Arizona, and attending Centennial High School until graduating in 1999; after which Ben completed a Bachelor of Arts at Northern Arizona University.

Once he completed his undergraduate degree, Ben began work at the Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley as a concierge manager before transitioning into becoming a personal assistant for two couples. Later, he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers’ South Carolina offices as an executive concierge manager; during that time, his colleagues remember him as an enthusiastic team player who valued working alongside others; loved ones believe this may have led to his untimely demise.

Daniel Stahoviak recounted how Ben helped an elderly homeless woman while driving one day. Stahoviak stated, “We were driving around and noticed a homeless lady sitting by herself on a curb in a parking lot – so we left and returned later with meals for her, making sure she was safe before saying good night.” This incident clearly displayed Ben’s generosity and compassion towards others.

Susan Dzabko, Ben’s college friend from Virginia, recalls how they first became close in August 2001 after discussing Michael and Janet Jackson in accounting class. Since then, they’ve shared power walks together, eaten Big Macs together annually, and frequently blast Kenny G in unison when driving together. She reflected, “I remember how Big Daddy could make each of us feel like we were his best friend and the most important person in the world. But he would always pull through for us uniquely, regardless of how exhausted or cranky he might have been.”

Benjamin “Ben” James Anderson disappeared from PricewaterhouseCoopers in South Carolina in late 2021. On December 31, he canceled an engagement to have breakfast with Daniel due to feeling tired; later that same day, his phone became nonfunctional, and he was no longer answering calls from friends or colleagues.

Daniel discovered an empty apartment, and Ben’s white 2020 Lexus UX had gone missing, leaving his credit cards and some cash behind in a dish at the entrance to his apartment building. Daniel noticed clothes lying on the kitchen floor that seemed unusual for Ben. After filing a missing person report, his friends used its tracking system to locate it near Interstate 17 and Black Canyon Highway.

Ben was found dead inside his burned-out vehicle when police discovered it with two individuals inside, though their identities remain unknown at this time. A body was later identified using DNA testing and dental records as Ben, although its circumstances remain enigmatic; Ben’s friends and family have strongly criticized Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for being uncooperative and withholding information regarding his death.

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