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Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 5

Fantasy Island Episode 5: Elena meets Alma, a teenager who is estranged from her family, in the fourth episode. Alma’s unrivalled enthusiasm for music, which also happens to be the source of her family’s doom, is at the root of all her issues.

Elena then takes her on a fanciful voyage into the past, where she meets her grandfather and great uncle for the first time.

Go to the recap for more information on the events of the fourth episode.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for episode 5 of ‘Fantasy Island’!

Release Date for Fantasy Island Episode 5

Episode 5 of ‘Fantasy Island’ will air on Fox on September 7, 2021, at 9 p.m. ET. Every week on Tuesdays, new episodes of the show are released, each lasting 42–43 minutes.

After eight episodes, the freshman season will come to an end on September 19, 2021.

Where can I get Episode 5 of Fantasy Island to watch online?

When ‘Fantasy Island’ episode 5 airs on Fox at the above-mentioned day and time, you can watch it.

You can also watch it on the Fox Now app or on Fox’s official website. Fubo TV, DirecTV, YouTube TV, Hulu, Xfinity, & Apple TV are among the other streaming services accessible.

You can also buy individual episodes or the complete season on iTunes and Vudu. The most recent episodes are available on Global TV in Canada.

You can also watch the episode on Hulu+Live TV, Vidgo, and Sling TV if you have a Fox account.

Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 5 Promotional Photos


Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 5 Press Release


Nisha wants the Island to help her decide between marrying her parent’s proposed match, Savin, or her longtime boyfriend, Josh, in the all-new “Twice in a Lifetime” episode of FANTASY ISLAND airing Tuesday, Sept. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FAN-105) (TV-14 D,S)

Cast: Roselyn Sanchez as Elena Roarke; Kiara Barnes as Ruby Akuda

Guest Cast: Anuja Joshi as Nisha; Dhruv Singh as Savin; Andy Favreau as Josh; K.T. Thangaveu as Anu; Kapil Bawa as Mukesh; Raj Vats as Astrologer; Alfredo De Quesada as King; Andres Ramos as Officer; John Gabriel Rodriquez as Javier.

Spoilers for Episode 5 of Fantasy Island

Nisha will retreat into the comfortable recesses of the island in the fifth episode, titled “Twice in a Lifetime,” where she will have to make a life-changing decision.

Nisha’s love life will be a source of stress for her. Her longtime lover, Josh, would be waiting for her, but she also has the choice of marrying her parents’ recommended mate, Savin.

So it appears that Nisha will rely on the island to assist her in making a decision.

Recap of Fantasy Island Episode 4

The 4th episode of ‘Fantasy Island’ is titled ‘Once Upon a Time in Havana.’ Elena meets Alma, a young girl who is burdened by familial obligations, in this episode.

Alma’s family is against her pursuing a career in music because of her grandfather, a singer with a tumultuous past. Alma closes her eyes and is whisked away to 1967 in Cuba.

When she enters Noche de Baile, she is greeted by her grandfather, Martino AKA Tino. Not only him, but Alma’s great-uncle, Raul, also shows up unexpectedly.

Elena arrives just in time for Alma to follow Raul into the back room and discover that he has been smuggling booze.

Alma reveals with her grandmother that she is aware of the business Raul and Tino have gotten themselves into.

Alma is seen assisting their booze-laden trucks through the military checkpoint. In the process, she discovers the ideal opportunity to share personal facts about her life with Tino.

Ruby meets the island’s caretaker and wonders if Elena had purposely delegated her responsibilities so that Ruby might leave her room.

Ruby, on the other hand, sprains her ankle. During her hospital examination, however, she has a satisfying relationship with Dr. Gina.

Tino and Raul, on the other hand, get into the Committee’s bad books and are in grave danger of being caught.

Tino forces Raul to take their money and go with Lily to America, where they will be secure.

Tino, on the other hand, accepts responsibility for Felipe’s death and is arrested. Alma later meets Tino and informs him about their existence in the United States.

Tino advises her to look after her family and pursue her dream of becoming a drummer.

Elena invites Alma’s mother and grandmother to the island at the end of the episode, where the small girl performs a wonderful routine for her family.

Ruby, on the other hand, chooses to spend her day off with Dr. Gina.

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