In Dexter New Blood, is Harrison a serial killer? Explanation of Theories

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10 years have passed in the namesake world when Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) makes his first appearance in Dexter: New Blood.

Certain things have altered as a result of this. When Harrison (Jack Alcott), Dexter’s kid with Rita, comes up in his father’s home on the outskirts of the cold hamlet of Iron Lake, New York, we, the audience, have visual proof of this.

He is now a teenager and has been living on his own for some time. Even in the first season, Dexter is concerned that Harrison will follow in his footsteps and become a serial killer.

We finally receive some answers in the 4th episode of ‘Dexter: New Blood,’ titled ‘H Is for Hero.’ 

Here’s everything you need to know.


Is Dexter’s Harrison, a Serial Killer?

Dexter and Harrison are constantly compared in both the original show and the reboot. They were both discovered in pools of their mother’s blood.

Audrey most likely informs Harrison about Molly Park’s podcast in episode 4.

Molly tells about the Trinity Killer, or Arthur Mitchell, and how Rita was his last victim, and he listens closely.

She then discusses how Harrison was discovered and speculates on his mental state.

Dexter and the viewer were both praying against hope that Harrison hadn’t inherited his father’s “Dark Passenger.”

It’s a phrase Dexter is said to have used to characterise his insatiable need to kill. The Dark Passenger has resided within Dexter since his mother’s death at the hands of Santos Jimenez and two other men.

The same thing appears to have happened to Harrison.

After learning what happened to his mother, Harrison unexpectedly attacks Ethan, a youngster who is supposed to be his friend, wounding him in the legs.

He then alleges that Ethan was the one who attacked him initially and that he had planned to shoot everyone at school.

Ethan has even invited Harrison to join him on his rampage, according to Harrison. The cops have no reason to mistrust Harrison after discovering Ethan’s unsettling sketches.

Angela and her department don’t believe Ethan when he wakes up and recounts the truth.

However, Dexter’s son’s falsehoods are exposed by CSI and the serial killer within him.

Harrison’s stab wound and the bloodstain pattern on the scene prove to him that Harrison, not Ethan, was the one who assaulted him.

When he discovers a razor hidden inside a torch among Harrison’s things, he confirms his suspicions. Mitchell used the same type of weapon to murder Rita.

Dexter was fortunate to have Harry in his life. His adoptive father taught him how to suppress his violent impulses and channel them against other assassins.

There was no such guide for Harrison. Hannah McKay, his stepmother, seemed to have been powerless to stop it for whatever reason.

Hannah died three years before the present incidents of pancreatic cancer. After that, Harrison was taken to the United States from Argentina and spent a significant amount of time in foster care, where he didn’t have the best of times.

During this time, Harrison appears to have learned how to survive on the streets and may have even relied on the Dark Passenger.

When he learns of Rita’s fate, it acts as a catalyst, causing the Dark Passenger to fully awaken. It’s safe to assume Harrison isn’t a serial killer just yet, and he is, nevertheless, clearly moving in that way.

For the time being, he’s just seeing what he can get away with. And if Dexter doesn’t do anything about it right away, Harrison will commit his first murder.

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