Phrogging: What Happened to Helena Jayne Bryant? Where is Brian O’Neill Today?

What Happened to Helena Jayne Bryant? Where is Brian O’Neill Now? – Lifetime’sPhrogging: Hider in My House is a true-murder thriller that is weirder than fiction. It investigates the practice of “phrogging,” or covertly residing in another person’s house. Each episode includes two first-person experiences of survivors telling the most twisted, horrifying tales imaginable, from the man in the attic to the creeper in the crawl space. Cinematic recreations help to bring the hints and confrontations to life, together with interviews and important archive sources. Yes, there could be monsters under the bed, as evidenced by this television series.

Helena Jayne Bryant describes her encounter with a persistent stalker in the episode “Close Call.” In “Stabbed in the Dark,” Brian O’Neill describes the terrifying series of incidents that occurred while he and his wife returned home from a night out in the city. The couple had to deal with the potential of a stranger lurking in their home, in addition to the mess their house was in. So, if you’re interested in learning more, here is what we do know.

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Close Call: What Happened to Helena Jayne Bryant?

Helena Jayne Bryant and her small daughter were residing in Columbus, Ohio, in 2005. The single mother at the time divided her time between looking after her daughter and working as an instructional assistant in Columbus public schools. While initially, everything seemed to be in order, by July 2006, things had started to go south. According to the thecinemaholic, when Helena and her daughter decided to go shoe shopping for tennis shoes, she received a call from someone letting her know that a nearby business was offering discounts on tennis shoes.

Soon after that, Helena started receiving calls at exactly 10:04 am and pm every day. At the time, the caller ID didn’t display the number, and she could not get a response from the other end. One day, Helena answered the call and blew an airhorn to end it because she was tired of it. However, in the following weeks, she felt as though someone was secretly breaking into her house. Things would be shifted, and Helena would discover things like the coffee pot on the couch or the mustard jar in the bathroom.

Helena claimed that when she did contact the police, they weren’t really concerned. One day, Helena was having fun with her kids at the neighbourhood pool when she noticed a person sitting in a car wearing sunglasses. She saw the individual for a few days before recognising him as the man she had briefly dated a few years earlier. He had been tracking Helena and following her everywhere she went, she knew at that point.

As a result, Helena decided to relocate to Mississippi and left the area with her kid. But even there, the stalker followed her. At the end of the programme, Helena said that she made changes to her life around the time her daughter graduated from high school. Helena worked as a long-distance truck driver for several months. This aided her since she ultimately stopped seeing and communicating with her stalker.

Stabbed in the Dark: Who is Brian O’Neill?

Brian O’Neill and his wife were residing in Seattle, Washington, in July 2014. The couple and their two cats lived together in a condo, and everything appeared to be going OK. One summer evening, Brian and his wife went out to dinner. They got home at nine o’clock. They realised something was unusual the moment they unlocked the door. They observed that the living room was disorganized and that a bag had fallen out of the closet and was lying on the floor. While Brian’s wife believed he had done it, he felt the opposite.

According to the programme, the pair then discovered that the kitchen window appeared to be broken and that the screen appeared to have been tampered with. However, given its size and accessibility, it is improbable that anyone could have entered from there. For Brian and his wife, though, it was just the start. They usually left their bedroom door open, so the fact that it was shut caught their attention immediately. Brian observed the entire chaos within. It appeared that someone had rummaged through all the drawers in the room and left the contents out.

The pair also observed that a lot of their belongings were lotion-covered. The police were quickly summoned, and they showed up around 11 p.m. Even the authorities found it odd, but there wasn’t much they could do at the time, so they departed. They discovered a pair of women’s shoes that weren’t Brian’s wife’s when they were tidying up. They then noticed that the room was covered in blond hair clumps. Brian noticed a strange breathing sound coming from under the bed as they attempted to understand what was going on, and they instantly fled out of the bedroom, locking it behind them.

After that, Brian dialled 911 and waited for the police to show up in front of the house. When Brian opened the door for the police, they saw a blond-haired woman inside the home attempting to enter the closet. According to the drama, the authorities who knew her promptly took her into custody. The woman had previously entered construction zones illegally. According to the cops, she was paranoid and thought someone was watching her. Brian and his wife exhaled in relief when the intruder left.

Where is Brian O’Neill Now?

A needle and a kitchen knife were found under the bed as Brian, and his wife got to work cleaning. The invader had stabbed the box spring’s base. The two eventually got over the incident, but Brian claimed that for some time afterwards, he could not sleep because he kept wondering why she had picked them and how long she had been there.

The pair ultimately opted to remain there. Brian is still a Seattle resident today. He mentioned his employment with a coffee firm during the presentation. Brian loves to travel and is an enthusiastic movie and music fan in his spare time. He enjoys concerts in addition to going to the movies frequently.

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