Release Date, Plot & Spoilers for Mayor of Kingstown Season 1 Episode 7

Pictured (L-R): Kyle Chandler, Jeremy Renner and Dianne West of the Paramount+ series MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/ViacomCBS ©2021 Paramount+, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In episode 6, tensions continue to grow as a brawl breaks out in prison, throwing Mike’s life into even more disarray.

Iris also gets a bad taste of Kingstown, which might have far-reaching consequences and get Mike intimately involved.

Are you looking forward to what’s next? We certainly are! Here’s all we know about episode 7 of ‘Mayor of Kingstown.’

Release Date for Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7

Episode 7 of ‘Mayor of Kingstown‘ titled “Along Came a Spider” will air on Paramount+ on December 19, 2021, at 3 a.m. ET.

On November 14, 2021, the first two episodes of the series were released on the streaming platform at the same time.

Every Sunday, fresh episodes of the brutal crime drama series are released.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 1×07 Press Release

107: “Along Came a Spider”

Mike pays Milo a visit, looking for answers. Tensions at the men’s prison reach a boiling point. Mike makes a disturbing discovery.

Spoilers for Episode 7 of Mayor of Kingstown

Mike will be hunting for Iris in Episode 7 before Milo’s guys murder her.

Iris is clearly in great danger after her violent kidnapping and the foreboding statement written in blood on Mike’s office wall.

We may anticipate the “Mayor” to use his extensive ties with the police (and possibly the underworld) to track down the young girl, as he appears to be protective of her.

This search for Iris is sure to make the next episode intriguing.

Meanwhile, Kyle is still under pressure from his mother and is considering leaving Kingstown so he can stop putting his life on the line for Mike.

In Episode 7, he’ll most likely be wrestling with the dilemma while also assisting his older brother in his search for Iris.

Given Milo’s assassination of two federal agents at Mike’s office, we may expect this to be a high-profile case.

It’ll be fascinating to see how the recalcitrant powerbroker works with senior FBI personnel who may or may not be aware of his complex and powerful position.

Recap of Mayor of Kingstown Episode 6

Mike is threatened by numerous gang leaders in Episode 6, titled ‘Every Feather.’

The criminal lords are threatening to bring the violence out on the streets as a result of the prison guards’ harshness, which has been worsened by a sudden jail lockdown.

Bunny is enraged as well and threatens Mike that his gang will not be quiet for much longer.

Meanwhile, Milo takes a different tactic and instructs Josef to assault Iris in order to see if Mike will rescue her.

When she arrives at his office bloodied and injured, the McLusky brother does what he expects and beats up Joseph.

Milo has implanted a tracking device in Iris’ abdomen, and when Mike returns to his office, she has been kidnapped, and the two FBI officers investigating her have died.

What Is The Best Place To Watch Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7 Online?

Episode 7 of “Mayor of Kingstown” will be available exclusively on Paramount+.

On the streaming service, you may watch brand-new episodes as well as ones that have already been released.