Release Date, Time, and Spoilers for ‘1883’ Episode 3

1883 Episode 3 Release Date

1883‘ is out of the gates and on the road, signalling the start of James Dillard Dutton and his family’s long and difficult journey to the North.

The prequel series has the difficult task of juggling multiple narratives while also outlining the Dutton family’s history and their Yellowstone Ranch.

The series’ first two episodes spend a lot of time world-building and introducing us to various people. This gang of travelers shares a shared purpose, but their friendship is frail.

The Duttons may become embroiled in various conflicts, and they will face numerous challenges.

If you’re already immersed in the Dutton family’s saga’s beginnings, you’re probably eager to see what lies ahead for the Duttons and their companions.

In that case, here’s everything you need to know about Episode 3 of ‘1883’!

Release Date for Episode 3 of 1883

Episode 3 of ‘1883’ titled ‘River’ will premiere on Paramount+ on December 26, 2021, at 3 a.m. ET.

The prequel series’ first season is expected to consist of ten episodes, each lasting 45-60 minutes.

On a weekly basis, new episodes of the series will be released on the streaming site.

On December 19, 2021, the first two episodes of the show were released together.

Following that, the first episode was broadcast on Paramount Network at 9 p.m. ET on the same night.

The third episode, on the other hand, is unlikely to be presented on television in the same way.

Spoilers for Episode 3 of 1883

‘River’ is the title of the third episode of ‘1883.’ It will continue the voyage of the caravan lead by Shea Brennan, which includes James Dutton and his family.

The Cowboys are well aware that they are stronger in numbers, as numerous threats await them on their journey north.

These threats could put the lives of the caravan’s innocent passengers in jeopardy, so Shea, Thomas, and James must be vigilant at all times.

The trio may devise a strategy to ensure their safety. However, they may disagree on some issues.

Furthermore, the immigrants are inexperienced in such terrains and may cause the journey to be delayed.

As a result, the caravan is likely to make a brief stop near a river. However, for various reasons, tensions within the camp may be high.

Shea may have to take a tough stance to resolve problems within the camp, further fracturing the group of travelers.

Ennis is expected to continue flirting with Elsa, and romantic sparks between the two could erupt.

Where Can I Watch The Episode 3 of ‘1883’ to Watch Online?

Tune in to Paramount Network at the above-mentioned time and day to see the episode 3 of ‘1883’.

If you want to watch the show online, go to Paramount+ and sign up for an early screening of the episode at the above-mentioned time and date.

You may watch the episode live on the Paramount Network website and the official Paramount app if you have a cable subscription.

You may watch the episode on Sling TVFubo TVDirecTVPhilo TVYoutube TV if you don’t have cable.

You may also watch the episode on Amazon Prime Video on demand.