‘The Boys’: What Happened to Soldier Boy? Is He Dead?

What Happened to Soldier Boy in The Boys

What Happened to Soldier Boy in The Boys? Is He Dead or Alive? – Butcher’s desire to murder Homelander, the most unkillable superhero, kicks off the plot of ‘The Boys.’ Homelander, the Superman of Amazon PrimeThe Boys‘ universe, is the appropriate villain for the programme because of his invincibility.

But, as Butcher realises, when Maeve goes into the records of another superhero, everything is fallible. Soldier Boy, a beloved American hero, was slain by a particular weapon, she says Butcher. If such a weapon exists, and if it really did kill Soldier Boy, she believes it has a fair chance of killing Homelander as well.

Butcher thrills at the chance to learn more about this weapon. The Payback, a gang of superheroes led by Soldier Boy, results from his hunt. He interrogates Gunpowder, who discloses that the events surrounding their leader’s death occurred in Nicaragua, and that Grace Mallory witnessed the events. Butcher is surprised that she hasn’t discussed Soldier Boy’s past or the prospect of a weapon capable of killing Supes like Homelander. What he learns about Soldier Boy and his fate is as follows.

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Does Soldier Boy die in Nicaragua?

When the Boys question Mallory about her involvement in a Payback operation, she tells them about her time with the Supes. She recalls that they were a bunch of inept people who did more harm than the adversary. She was stationed in Nicaragua in 1984, assisting the Contras in obtaining more weaponry for their war against the Russians. Payback was dispatched to assist her in the latter stages of her quest. She knew they were unskilled and ineffective as soon as she saw them.

Her suspicions were confirmed when Swatto made a blunder that led the enemy right to their camp. This led to a bloodbath in which Payback killed more of their own people than the enemy. Mallory discovered Crimson Countess in a state of sorrow after surviving the wild combat. She claimed that the Russians had a weapon that they used to murder Soldier Boy. Mallory was unable to verify her claim because the Russians supposedly seized her body as well.

Mallory did her best to learn more about Soldier Boy’s fate, but she couldn’t get past the Iron Curtain, and there was only so much she could do. So, like everyone else, she accepted Soldier Boy’s departure. However, as the teaser for Season 3 of ‘The Boys’ shows, the Supe is still alive and well, albeit a little battered.

Soldier Boy: What Did the Russians Do to Him?

It would have been simpler to accept Soldier Boy’s death if the Russians had left a body behind. However, no one actually saw his body, and the Supe, like Homelander, was thought to be almost unkillable. So, what went wrong with him?

Despite his superhuman abilities, the Russians managed to subdue (rather than kill) him. They held him captive for decades, urging and prodding him to find a method to create their own superheroes. They took advantage of having one of the most powerful Supes at the time in their possession by experimenting with superpowers on their own. Because they didn’t have Compound V, the only option was to reverse engineer it. Who better to be the subject than Soldier Boy?

It remains to be known whether they were successful in their endeavour. However, it is evident that the Boys will be able to locate him. What would be interesting to watch is how Soldier Boy transforms as a result of the studies. He appears to be immensely powerful and vicious in the trailer, making both the Boys and Vought want him on their side.

Soldier Boy has a better chance of reconnecting with Vought and becoming a member of the Seven. This would mean that the Boys would have to face another unstoppable Supe. Their plight seemed bleak, but in the comics, Butcher kills Soldier Boy, giving the audience something to hold on to.

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